Squirrels.org – All About Squirrels

  • June 16, 2008

Squirrels.orgIf you love squirrels or simply want to know more about these interesting critters, you’ve come to the right place. Squirrels.

org is a website dedicated entirely to these rodents that are commonly perceived as bushy tailed little animals that eat nuts and live in trees. There is really al whole lot more to learn about these interesting mammals than this. On this website you’ll find an abundance of information on squirrels, how they behave, how they related and communicate with one another, what their diet is based on, how many species there are, and much, more. If you’d like to help out a squirrel without a home, the site provides instructions on how to build squirrel habitats, and even what you can do to care for an orphan squirrel. The site also has some great pictures of many different types of squirrels that can found around the world. Squirrels are scavengers so if you don’t want them messing around your house, the site has some tips for you to follow that will prevent them from causing any serious problems to your property. Whether you’re a fan or not, all you need to know about these furry critters can be found on Squirrel.org. Squirrels.org

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