sQuawkME.com – Share Events With Your Friends

  • April 29, 2011

sQuawkME.comA new iPhone application, sQuawkME lets people share events with their friends when they are on the go. Here, everything is handled by shooting and posting small videos showing others what one is doing.

For instance, if you are at some electronic party of epic proportions and you would have no reservations about recommending it to others then you can simply shoot a small clip and have it shared using sQuawkME. All your friends who have the app will get to see it. And so will your friends on Twitter and Facebook – both social sites are actively supported.

In this way, anybody can show his friends what the world around him looks like, and spread the word about any activity that would be worth a definitive look. The sQuawkME application can be downloaded for free, and once you have it you can use it to shoot and share as many clips as you want with all your pals.

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