Squareleaf.net – A Way To Organize Just Everything

  • December 24, 2009

Squareleaf.netIf you can’t make it through the day without an army of sticky notes to remind you of all that you have to take care of, then this site will be a suitable one for you. In principle, it is a resource where you can employ a sort of virtual whiteboard.

There, you can stick notes to your heart’s content. The idea is to let you break away from tabular lists, and arrange everything in the visual way that is suitable to you the most. Different people process everything differently, and some visual arrangements will suit only some people. In that sense, the site is certainly supple since you can try and arrange everything as many times as you want, until you arrive at a configuration that makes it all immediately apprehensible.

This system can be employed to take care of just anything – assignments, the distribution of tasks, dealing with shared expenses…. you can put it to the use you feel like, and enjoy the advantages of keeping everything the exact way you want it to be.

Also, virtual notes don’t fall to the ground like their physical counterparts every five minutes. I guess that counts for something.

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