Spyvo.com – Being Fully Communicated At All Times

  • January 7, 2010

Spyvo.comSpyvo is a new multi-purpose service. It makes me think a lot of aSwiss Army knife because it will let you arrange auto reminders, search eBay, forward e-mails to SMS and tweet out mostly at the same time.

In that way, you will never bypass vital information again, nor will it pass you by itself. You will not forget a birthday, bidding for that item you found on eBay you initially liked and subsequently forgot all about…

The philosophy behind this application seems to be “there are many services out there that provide such functionalities, but there is not a single one which provides all of them simultaneously and from the same interface”. In that sense, this tool makes a lot of sense. The only thing it is missing is a feature to snip URLs and shorten them in order to tackle every recurrent app category I see on a daily basis.

As a tool, Spyvo functions on the Web. No software has to be downloaded, and all you have to do is create a (free) account by submitting standardised data such as your name, your time zone and so forth.

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