Sputtik.com – The Best Of The Web At Your Fingertips

  • December 9, 2009

Sputtik.comSputtik stands as the kind of site that I think is bound to gain prominence from here on, as the WWW has become too wide in order to be explored manually to the full. What Sputtik does is to capture the best of the Internet and present it back to the user over 50 different categories.

The site actually defines itself as an online operating system, as it will let you take care of every single task that you could naturally perform from your desktop. For instance, it makes it simple for you to listen to music, stream movies, watch TV, read the news… that is, every single service that you could employ by looking up the relevant sites one by one is executed from Sputtk at once. And since more than 50 languages are already supported, chances are you will be able to get going right on the spot.

Of course, everybody and his wife already knows where to watch videos online. Everybody knows where to head to in order to listen to a song or two. That is true even when it comes to newbies. That might make Sputtik seem superfluous, but I think that is not true. Letting people save time is one of the key assets of every self-respecting service on the Web these days. And that is something this site gets to the tee. It effectively gathers the most vital parts of the Internet and offers them up for you to enjoy. I think it is worth a look at the very least, as it is not only useful but it might as well be pointing the way for better things to come.

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