SproutPitch.com – Pitching Your Startup To The World

  • January 26, 2010

SproutPitch.comSimply put, SproutPitch is a site where you can present your startup elevator pitch to the world at large. All you have to do is have your cam ready and then submit your pitch for it to be evaluated by the community.

In case you don’t know what a startup elevator pitch is, the term refers to the process of introducing the main points of any product or service in a short span – roughly the span that it would take an elevator to take you to your intended destination. That is something like 60 seconds, and on the site you are provided with a comprehensive overview on how to pitch anything. Aspects such as bearing in mind who the product is aimed at and keeping the revenue model realistic are elucidated.

The site itself is subdivided in different pitch categories, and these range from “Content aggregators” and “Games” to “E-commerce” and “Social Networking”. Moreover, there is a “Telephony” category for those who develop apps for iPhones and other smartphones. I bet that is good news for those who trying to make a name on new platforms like the Nexus One.

In the end, any resource that lets new talent reach out to the world is a positive one. I also like the format, as you can tell the one developers who are really sharp from those that blend in the crowd.

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