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SproutMixer.com – Creative Engagement Marketing

  • December 2, 2008

SproutMixer.comA solution that intends to take advertising to a whole new level altogether, Sprout Mixer is an application that engages the consumer directly in the creation and distribution of an ad campaign.

The basic premise, then, is to turn passive viewers into active users that have their say in the process.

As a result, the campaign will reflect their tastes and their vision as much as a campaign can.

This is accomplished by empowering users to remix aspects of the campaign itself, encouraging self-expression and creativity and forming a direct bond with the audience. Moreover, since the campaign is remixed and renovated constantly it has a longer span than traditional campaigns which tend to grate after a while.

In finishing, this is novel approach that suffuses something as tried and tested such as static advertising with a viral approach that is certain to yield good and cogent results. A visit to the site is mandatory for those looking not only for the way to reach a broader audience but also for the means to engage it.

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