Sprig.com – All About Green Lifestyles

  • May 13, 2008

Sprig.comSprig.com is a website which has one clear aim and motivation: to inspire the consumer population toward becoming more “green”, that is, more environmentally-conscious.

As the staff members say, a green lifestyle is good for somebody’s health, looks, and finances, not to mention that it redounds to benefits for the environment. Consequently, the Sprig website presents visitors with eco-friendly alternatives. The full database of products can be searched by means of entering relevant keywords, or browsed by category. Available categories include food, fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle (including travel, finances, health, and fitness). There are videos which can be seen online too, with topics such as how to save money by being green. A daily newsletter is also featured, and those who are interested in receiving it can subscribe for free in the pertinent section of the website. Links are provided to related pages and sites of interest, such as the Eat Well Guide and the Style Saves The World website. Sprig.com

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