Spreedly.com – Managing Subscriptions Made Easy

  • January 27, 2010

Spreedly.comSelling subscriptions is not that hard, but the subsequent managing of them is. Not because it entails a lot of thought, but because it takes up a lot of time.

People cancel their subscriptions. People renew their subscriptions. People upgrade their subscriptions. It all translates into work for you, and not the kind of work that would keep you glued to your chair in glee.

Spreedly is a new service that aims to make life easier for everybody. Using it, subscribers can take care of the aforementioned operations in a centralized location whereas you can more or less sit it out and let it all go in autopilot.

Besides, Spreedly makes it quite easy to set up a free trial for your services. As you know, providing such an option is mandatory today. Even if people don’t plan to use it, they are under a bad impression if such an option is absent. They will think “Hmm, it is as if they were trying to hide something”.

As a result, this is one of the most harmless ways of handling an influx of subscribers. It will keep both sides reasonably satisfied – there are enough feature levels to cover the needs of most subscribers, and you (as the one hiring the service) must pay a flat monthly rate and a small amount/percentage for transaction. You can choose from many payment gateways, too.

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