Export.ly – Export Your Twitter Contacts

  • February 10, 2011

Export.lyA traditional point of contention when it comes to the Social Web is the limited control or ownership that people have over the data that they upload. If you think about neither Twitter nor Facebook come with a button that automatically lets you have all your data exported from the service and stored in your HD.

That is slowly changing, though. Services like the one under review right now prove it, as Export.ly lets anybody have an excel or CSV file with all his Twitter contacts generated and downloaded straight to his computer.

The uses people will have for such a file will obviously be different from one individual to the other, but one that quickly springs to mind is employing it to promote any product. That is a ready association, really – is there anything that makes for faster marketing reference than an Excel or a CSV file? And there is no denying the power a service such as Export.ly can have for keeping an ordered backup or all the contacts that you have in your Social Web, either for personal or professional reasons.

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Kanakku.com – An Online Calculator You Can Use For Free

  • December 6, 2009

Kanakku.comKanakku.com is an interesting web 2.

0 application you can use without having to pay anything and that can be defined as an interesting combination of a spreadsheet and a calculator. If you have Internet Explored installed in you computer, of if you use Firefox this is a service you can use right away.

What is this application all about? Well, in essence this site gives you the chance to learn how to use this application in a very efficient way. You can employ it as a spreadsheet where you can write mathematical formulas. And the way you can use this site is as if you were using your calculator. Simple, fast, effective, and minimalist this is a service that will make your life easier than before. This application works well with arithmetic, trigonometric, and statistical functions and you will learn more about it only if you give this site a visit and start playing with it.

Also, note that this site is under developments and that the programmers are actively looking for suggestions. Feel free to get in touch with them at the address you will find on the site and offer your own input.

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Aflava.com – Solve Your Problems Elegantly

  • March 23, 2009


This site belongs to a company that is specialized in developing software for many purposes. This company is called Aflava and aims to create software that is able to solve a wide variety of problems in a very elegant way.

This company has developed a top product called Tree Cells that can be accurately defined as a general purpose hierarchical spreadsheet.

This solution is very useful form small and medium size companies in order to keep track of all the inventories as well as salaries. Tree Cells displays any kind of hierarchical data easily and efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on your data rather than fiddling around your spreadsheet settings.

You can also use this company’s product on you own home finances in order to maximize your budget. You will be able to create impressive documents and save some money, as well as to get many other benefits.

This software is 100% Microsoft Office look and feel with almost no learning curve. You can start enjoying all the benefits of having this solution working for you now. Aflava.com

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GenealogySearch.org – The Easy Way To Ancestors

  • June 17, 2008

GenealogySearch.orgThere’s really nothing else in this site, other than basically all the resources you might need to research your genealogy online sorted out by country (it lists only some English-speaking countries, though). A list of recommended sites is presented, briefly noting what you can expect to find in each of them, like whether the sites present maps, surname databases, or maybe record transcriptions.

I’m all in favor of directories, and even enthusiast about sites like this one, which are nothing but a cluster of links of interest, but a bit of orientation could be welcome and useful for people who are only starting to research their ancestors using this web. For instance, I reckon information on how thorough the databases are could be great time-savers, or if that information is not available, a good idea could be to point users to where to start searching. Explore the ‘Free Stuff’ area to discover forms and charts, download clipart or even census worksheets, as in spreadsheets with the same columns as historical census from different countries which let you copy and keep track of information without mastering Excel. GenealogySearch.org

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WebexOne.com – Web Office Apps for the Road

  • March 14, 2008

WebexOne.comEver since Google launched their office apps, a huge wave of web-based suites for sharing documents has swept the web, most of which leave a lot to desire. WebexOne.

com is not one of those: WebOffice is an office-sharing app developed by WebEx, a Cisco company, which prides in offering reliable collaborative platforms which not only allow remote access to documents, but also online meetings, opinion polls, expense reports, announcements, Palm and PDA synchronization and other standard features, in a fully customizable environment which can be further tailored to fit each office’s needs by installing add-ons provided by the site. If you are unsure about whether WebOffice will work for you, try a 30-day free trial before purchasing the suite, or take the flash tour to discover the benefits and functions of this platform. Although originally developed for business use, WebOffice is a great solution for research groups and other manners of collaborative work, and even for personal use, as you can use the suite to manage your files and work while you are travelling, or if you use more than one computer. WebexOne.com

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Numbler.com – Collaborate with Online Spreadsheet

  • March 13, 2008

Numbler.comIf you find that you do a lot of work on spreadsheets and have grown frustrated by the fact that they are impossible to keep up-to-date, then Numbler might be the ideal service for you. Numbler is a free online solution that allows you and anyone else from your group to access a group spreadsheet and make changes to it.

You no longer have to worry about who has the most up-to-date spreadsheet saved because Numbler is always the most recent version. No need to save anything either as Numbler auto-saves for you. This is a great tool for people who have to collaborate on projects with other people across the world, across the city, or across the office. You won’t have to learn another program because Numbler uses many of the same commands as Excel and the interface is similar.

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Vertex42.com – Excel Spreadsheets Templates

  • February 16, 2008

Vertex42.comFor MS Office hardcore fans, Vertex42.com is a good place to hang out: a collection of Excel Spreadsheets Templates to keep track and calculate anything, from calendars and debt-reduction plans to home budget planners and a wedding checklist, here’s premade charts for everything.

The templates come in 97-2003 version, which is quite good news for those who have not uploaded to the 2007 version of the suite, and keep having problems to open files. Needless to say, the site is very carefully organized into categories into which downloads fall, like Monte Carlo simulations, dashboards, amortization charts, fun and games, etc. Most of the templates are free to download, however extremely complex ones are charged a small fee. Other goodies this site has a offer are the keyboard shortcuts section, accompanied by a detailed argumentation as to why working with your keyboard is so much better than constantly switching to your mouse (I didn’t think anybody needed to be alerted about this anymore, but if the note’s there is because there probably still is a large amount of people who haven’t noticed). Vertex42.com

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