More – Shared Itineraries For Travelers

  • June 27, 2011

SpotWorld.comA new social site that makes traveling a lot of fun, SpotWorld lets people who are headed for an specific destination know about cool things to do there by looking at what other people who have already been there have to recommend. Users of are enabled to create and share itineraries that can then be viewed by absolutely everybody, and highlight the best spots they have come across when holidaying anywhere.

Of course, not everybody is finding a service like this one indispensable. To some, enjoying a vacation implies going to the kind of places everybody goes. And there is nothing wrong with that, really. But there are many people who are partial to the kind of places only locals know most of all. Well, these are the ones who will enjoy SpotWorld most. And in any case, I am inclined to think that people who fall into the former category could also find SpotWorld useful when they are visiting the same place for the second time. What better way to find cool things to do there than by giving this site a try?

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