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  • June 17, 2011

TribeSports.comThis site is for all those among you who realize the importance of leading an active lifestyle, and who are looking for like-minded people – people they could not only talk about these sports they are keen on, but actually practice them with in real life. It is found at and if from the description just provided you began to think of Facebook but only in a more circumscribed sense, then you have got it right. If you ever need to explain to someone what TribeSports is all about, simply define it as a kind of Facebook for sportsmen. That will transmit all that there is to transmit to others about the site perfectly.

Messages and pieces of advice can be exchanged, media such as images and videos can be shared, inspirational people can be befriended and followed… these are the core operations that can be carried out on TribeSports. And these are the core operations of any social networking site worth its salt.

TribeSports accounts cost nothing, and are created by furnishing your email address. And it is also possible to sign in using your Facebook and Twitter handle, and skip the registration process altogether.

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More – Networking For Sportsmen

  • April 15, 2010

Beta.Adreeno.comAdreeno is a social networking site that is geared towards sportsmen and those who are keen on active lifestyles. Naturally, all the basic functions like messaging each other and sharing media are taken into account, and the site places a lot of value on promoting competitions among members of the network.

After all, is there a more competitive audience than sportsmen?

These events are announced on the main page, and as you can imagine extensive coverage is provided afterwards on what went down, who won and who should have stayed at the gym doing pushups. And by taking part of events, users actually earn points and trophies that can then be proudly displayed.

As you can see, this network is quite distinctive owing to the emphasis it places on offscreen interaction. Unfortunately, I am not what you could call athletic so I am afraid I am excluded of mostly anything that goes on here. But if you can tell a different story, give it a look by any and all means.

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More – Empowering Fan Connection

  • February 17, 2008 is a web design and hosting company that is dedicated to building sites for sportsmen and women, artists, and in general any performer or institution that needs to stay in touch with its admirers, and do business with them.

The company is expert in setting up eCommerce features, both for merchandising and tickets; in regards to this last one their expertise and services a very impressive: they design and host clients’ Web ticketing sites, process, print and mail the tickets, and on top of that they provide ticket buyers with telephone and email customer service, with live online sales reports access for customers. The company includes a portfolio of its works, so prospective clients can find out what their services are all about, and why stars like Tiger Woods, the NY Knicks and James Blunt are choosing their services.

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