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  • April 20, 2010

SportsMD.comIf you are looking for information on sports health, fitness and performance this resource is definitely worth a look. SportsMD provides exactly that, and it is clearly aimed at athletically-health minded people who want to be entertained and educated in equal measures.

The content of the site comes from healthcare professionals and experts, and a directory is actually provided for you to be able to contact them personally if you need their assistance.

The site also features a very useful sports injury finder that will let you click on the body part in question in order to see videos and read articles.

Besides, a store is included and it can be accessed from the main navigation menu. You can procure items like ice packs, medicine balls and fitness equipment on the whole right there.

Ultimately, about 20 million athletes are injured each year. This demographic of injured athletes and parents is just too large to be ignored, and this site caters for them quite minutely. There is no reason why these individuals wouldn’t check it more than once.

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