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  • January 21, 2009

TheSCN.comThe Sports Coach Network can be described as a community that is geared towards coaches and athletes all over the globe. Through the site, these individuals can interact with each other and share insight and knowledge along with media like photographs.

In addition to these features (which constitute the basis of every networking site out there), athletes can find courses and events appertaining to them, and discuss ideas for the betterment of the sports they practice. The main navigation menu also includes categories such as “Exercises” and “Sports”, alongside a “Equipment” link for finding what you need right when you need it.

There is even an “Injuries” category that deals with common concerns, and provides an easy solution to some of most recurrent predicaments that athletes have to face such as strains, fractures, ruptures and abrasions.

To sum it up, the site serves its purpose of enabling coaches and athletes network together, and have straightforward access to the information and resources they might need under the same URL. If you are an athlete or a coach yourself, it goes without saying that a visit to this site comes highly recommended.

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