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3 Pieces Of Advice That Helped Me Launch Spill

3 Pieces Of Advice That Helped Me Launch Spill

The Internet can be a very narcissistic place, so my goal with Spill — a crowdsourced platform for peer support — is to bring more empathy online. I started Spill when I found myself wishing for a way to get support for personal problems in college (e.g. breakups, career decisions, homesickness, etc.)

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Spill can be termed a support platform for College students. Here, they will be able to share their problems with peers and get their words of support. It is all anonymous – those who vent and those who listen do not disclose their real identities. This enables those who use the site to get assistance when it comes to the touchiest of issues, which is obviously the point of it all – to lend a shoulder and even a hand to...

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