Predictions & More – GeraldCelenteChannel.blogspot.com

  • September 11, 2009

Predictions & MoreThis is unofficial blog on Gerald Celente, a very famous predictor who is also known as \”Dr. Doom\”. Then, if you are interested in Celente’s predictions this might be an interesting site. On GeraldCelenteChannel.blogspot.com you will get plenty of information on Gerald Celente as well as lot of articles with data on his predictions.

Are you interested in getting information about trend forecasting? Would you like to get data on The Trends Journal? If that is the case, GeraldCelenteChannel.blogspot.com might be worth a try. In case you are interested in getting details on Gerald Celente most important predictions, this is the right site for you to visit.

Therefore, if you are looking for data about Gerald Celente and want to get Gerald Celente predictions for 2012, feel free to stop by this site. Remember GeraldCelenteChannel.blogspot.com next time you want to get information about the famous predictor Gerald Celente and his predictions. Predictions & More

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Motivational-Well-Being.com – Motivational Resources

  • April 5, 2009


This world is getting tougher and people need some extra-help in order to stay focused and motivated in relation to their personal goals. This site seems to be a very useful and effective source of communication and encouragement for you to accomplish your personal goals.

It is positive to find sources where you actually feel that you are motivated on a daily basis. This online portal was designed in order to provide free motivational resources to help you to stay motivated while pursuing your goals.

This site provides tons of free motivational resources such as motivational quotes, and poems, as well as songs and videos, in addition to articles, and much more to help people stay motivated long enough to achieve their dreams and goals.

Instead of a couple of motivational songs or videos like most other sites, this site provides tons of them as well as personal development articles on various strategies and insights to help improve people’s lives. Everyone is motivated differently so this site provides all different kinds of tools to motivate people in the way that works best for them. Take a look at it and you will not regret it. Motivational-Well-Being.com

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SpeakerRate.com – Where Speeches Are Rated By You

  • February 12, 2009

SpeakerRate.comNo matter what we do or were we work, chances are the vast majority of us attend at least a couple of conferences and related events on a regular basis. What’s more, it is even likely that some of us do the honors more than often, and as such we wonder about the performance afterwards.

Enter SpeakerRate, a new solution whereby presenters can receive constructive criticism and feedback about their dissertations and understand why they raised the roof or why they did not cause that much of a sensation.

The main page itself includes three different sections that must be checked out if you visit the site. They go by the names of “Popular Talks”, “Featured Speakers” and “Upcoming Events”. The newest items within each category are always spotlighted, and a button for seeing all the entries making up each category is included if you have the will to do a very exhaustive research.

As a conclusion, the site collects the resources for ensuring that the next time you give a speech the public will put their rotten tomatoes away and ask for an encore. And that is certainly desirable.

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Winstonchurchill.org – Sir Winston Churchill Biography

  • July 13, 2008

Winstonchurchill.orgThere have been many great political leaders in modern times, but few have had the ability to lead there nations in quite the same way as Sir Winston Churchill did. This man lead the British government during the dark days of the second world war and inspired his nation to stand firm against the tyranny that was Hitler’s’ Third Reich.

If you are studying Churchill, the Second World War or are simply interested in learning more about his great man and some of his famous speeches then you might like to take a web site that is dedicated to his life. The web site can be found at www.winstonchurchill.org, this web site is the home of a society called the Churchill Centre who is an organization devoted to keeping the memory of William Churchill alive. There site also contains facts, speeches and quotations, resources, publications and news that are all related to this important figure from history. Winstonchurchill.org

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Blackpast.org – African American History

  • June 10, 2008

Blackpast.orgBlackPast.org is a non-profit corporation that interested in preserving the rich history of African Americans as well as making it available to the general public.

BlackPast.org is an online reference center that provides visitors with a wealth of materials and information on African American history. The site includes an online encyclopedia of important figures in African American history, Global African history, and specifically of African Americans in the west. The site also has speeches and documents of black activists and leaders from the 18th century to the present, as well as links to many other sites that deal with the topic at hand including museums and archival research centers in both Canada and the United States. The information provided in the website is free and accessible to everyone. Anyone with an interest in the history of people of African decent will benefit from the information that appears on this site. Blackpast.org

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Speeches.com – Overcoming Obstacles

  • June 2, 2008

Speeches.comSpeeches.com is the online site that offers visitors information and advice for building and obtaining great speeches.

Some people can have trouble when they must face the public in special occasion such as weddings or birthdays, or when they must speak in conferences about business topics. In order to help those who need to face these situations, this site has been designed to provide assistance and advice for creating speeches. You will find a section that includes the different speeches that you might be seeking to build; these are classified into three different categories, such as special occasion speeches, business speeches and persuasive speeches. Each one of these sections contains many different choices such as farewells, anniversaries, retirements, between many others. You can choose the precise one you are looking for and obtain useful tips and recommendations to start your speech. In order to have a clear ides of what you are seeking to achieve, the site contains some speech example according to the type of speech you are looking forward to create. Visit this page and you will find plenty of help to overcome your situation. Speeches.com

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BlueFishTv.com – Video Preaching Online

  • May 21, 2008

BlueFishTv.com¨We all have questions¨. This is quoted on the BlueFishTv.

com site. And it’s true. Everyone has questions. Questions such as ¨Why am I here?¨ ¨Is there more to life than this?¨ ¨Does God really care about me?¨ If you have asked yourself these questions in the past then BlueFishTv.com is the site for you. What is BlueFishTv.com? BlueFishTv.com is a website that is dedicated to helping Bible study teachers, pastors, youth ministers, missionaries, and other Christian leaders who proclaim spiritual truths, get their message across to internet users. How? Through online videos. Just think of BlueFishTv.com as the Christian You Tube. BlueFishTv.com helps its users create videos online to help get their message across to everyone. Videos can be made by youth ministers, small groups, women, videos illustrations, parents, and anyone else who is spiritually inspired. So, if you would like to reach someone’s heart through the internet, then this may be the best way to do it. Go on, try it out. It’s fun and easy to do. Log on to BlueFishTv.com now. BlueFishTv.com

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JoeBiden.com – Get Informed On This Campaign

  • March 16, 2008

JoeBiden.comAre you curious on knowing more about the presidential campaign of JoeBiden.com? Sometimes you are too busy in other stuff that you don’t have time to listen to the pronounced speeches, campaign events or other important issues respecting a presidential campaign.

But don’t worry because everything you couldn’t see or listen is published in joebiden.com. This site contains information of everything that has to do wth the presidential campaign of Joe Biden. The site offers files in which you can read those speeches you missed, information about the different events the campaign has organized for future days, actual news about important facts that may affect the campaign and many topics more of what respects to this Presidential campaign. Besides, if the web visitor is interested join the campaign and contribute through the web site. The site also provides a video and photo gallery in which you can see Joe Biden interacting with other people and in different activities. JoeBiden.com

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