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A Green Light For Green Tech

A Green Light For Green Tech

GO BIG GREEN! Everybody yell, GO BIG GREEN! That was my high school’s rallying cry. And though it’s been awhile (never mind you just how long) since I rooted for the Stevenson Patriots, news lately makes it look like the time is right to dust of the cheer and applaud green technology. Here’s why there’s…

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With Earth Day around the corner, many people are thinking about how they can clean up their carbon footprint and make the Earth a little bit greener. One way to go about being green is solar power. Sungevity aims to help make solar installation an easy experience. In fact, it can all be done with a few clicks of you mouse. The Berkeley based company only covers California at the moment. To get started, enter your address into the...

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SunPower is a company that designs, manufactures and delivers efficiency solar electric technology worldwide. They deliver solar performance to residential, commercial, and utility-scale power plant customers. The site is divided into different categories so you will find things easier. The categories featured at the site are: smarter solar, for homes, for businesses, for power plants, products and services, investors, worldwide and...

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