More – Where Software Professionals Meet

  • October 23, 2009

SoftwareTribes.comIn a nutshell, Software Tribes is a social site where those who are software professionals can meet up and engage in conversation. The idea is to provide them with a space in which they can discuss every single thing appertaining to their profession, and also indulge into a bit of off-topic chatter so that bonds can be formed.

The site actually adheres to the micro-sharing philosophy, and each notice that is posted amounts to no more than 140 characters. The post are published within the public timeline which is found on the opening screen, and also to your friends and followers both directly and by RSS.

Those who sign up have the option to join a group from the many on offer, and these include “RedHat” and “Java” among others whose name I guess you can more or less imagine.

Obviously, specialized sites such as this one are not something that could attract a massive number of followers. They do, however, entice the ones they are aimed at greatly. And that is praiseworthy enough.

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