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Shake Out The Bugs With Crowdsourced Testing

Shake Out The Bugs With Crowdsourced Testing

There are thousands of startups with big dreams of becoming the next Instagram for this or the Uber of that. Those companies are awesome – I love seeing people reach for the stars and hold themselves to high expectations – and there’s a whole other category of companies cropping up to help them be the…

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Testuff provides software and services for testing software manually and reporting defects. You don’t need an IT department to run it since it consists of a desktop client application with a secure backend that’s based on the web. Test data is stored on servers that are routinely backed and monitored constantly. Testuff includes a feature that captures a video of your tests which can save you time when trying to explain bugs to...

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uTest is a global online community for testing software. It provides a central location for virtually connected software testers to link on-demand to companies looking to test their products. This virtualization ensures that companies can quickly upload the software and access testers, who in turn can rapidly review the product and send it back- drastically reducing the time of the traditional testing cycle. uTest also employs a “Pay...

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