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While the website is it is not a propaganda site meant to protest everything patriotic or military. The latest news about what war is doing to our country, and others, can be found updated on the site while bloggers give opinions and tidbits. While there are anti-war stances within the website this is does not mean every person on the site holds to an anti-government or anti-society stance. The purpose of the website is to...

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So I´ve heard that you were looking for information about the history of philosophy and you didn´t know which way to look? Where, if that´s the case then I´m happy to tell you that your search is over. Just take my humble advice on this one and answer me only this question: Do you like Socrates? Well, of course you do, and if you do, then you will love this site. Just take a few minutes of your day and pay a short visit to

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I guess that you have been looking for a place like this forever, a place where you can get all the info you may need regarding Plato. Well, if that´s the case then you should take a few minutes of your Sunday and check out this great site because here at Plato-Dialogues. org you will find everything you are looking for and much more. Get online today, what are you waiting for? Do it now and you will see what we are talking about....

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