More – Socializing At The Airport

  • July 29, 2010

Timeinb5.comTimeinB5 is social networking platform that is intended for people who are stranded at any major airport in the US. The idea is that they will use it to communicate with people who are in a similar situation, and have something of a more amenable time by exchanging messages back and forth.

Also, a system like this one can be effectively used by people who are looking for local advice. For example, this was one of the messages that was highlighted on the main page when I was checking the site out: “I’m planning on flying into Philly in a few weeks and wonder if anyone can recommend the best way to get over to Delaware?”

In that sense, TimeinB5 is more than a mere tool to pass the time when you have just nothing better to do. It is a platform through which locals can lend a hand to people from all over the country who are visiting their hometowns for the very first time.

It will be interesting to see how internationalized can this site become – the premise is interesting, and there is not such a thing as an airport that knows no delays anywhere in the world.

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More – Make Your Stuff Go Social

  • July 13, 2010

Kumbooka.comKumbooka enables anybody to “socialize his stuff” by scanning the barcode of a product that he owns, and then attaching any digital media that he wishes to this barcode. It could be just anything, from a picture or a poem to a diary entry or even a recipe.

By doing so, you are letting others know the exact feelings and sensations you associate with the item you have scanned.

You can create lists with all the stuff that you scan in order to let people know exactly how important any item is to you, and it must be made clear that using Kumbooka you can not only scan items that you already own, but also items that you wish you owned. In this way, any friend of yours who also uses the site will be able to determine what would make a perfect gift when your birthday or any other special occasion arrives.

The digital content attached by people to any product becomes visible both by inputting the barcode itself and by scanning it. And once you have signed up, the “Community” section will let you see what your friends are scanning at any time, and all the media that they have attached to these items.

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More – Have Dinner & Meet New People

  • June 30, 2010

InnerDinner.comIf you think is possible to build everlasting relationships by sharing your gastronomy experiences, then this site might be of your interest. is an online community you can join to make new friends and prepare home dinners for other networking members. Register on this online community and show other members your cooking experience.

Would you like to monetize your gastronomy knowledge and cooking skills? Do you have vegetarian recipes to share? If so, enter and become part of this social network. This online community allows you to promote your cooking skills and make new relationships by preparing dinners at home.

Enter and find out more about this online community for those who want to be part of this social network. If you are looking for new gastronomic experiences, enter this site and register on Inner Dinner for free. Then, you can start easy recipes for dinner and use its friend finder services.

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More – A New Networking Site

  • May 31, 2010

FriendSwapMeet.comWhat happens when a service as big as Facebook steps out of line? Easy. A lot of companies offering a related service emerge, and older ones change their focus.

That is what has happened recently – not only are sites like Diaspora coming on unstoppably, but MySpace (one of Facebook’s first victims) immediately started making claims about becoming a safer alternative than the network commanded by Zuckerberg & friends (which is quite ironic if we think about how open MySpace was right at the beginning).

But coming back to new networking sites that are surfacing, one of the latest to come our way is Friend Swap Meet. Just like Facebook, the idea is to make new friends while getting in touch with older ones. All the basic functionalities are firmly in place – you can send messages, pictures, upload videos… You already know the score.

If you have grown to truly hate Facebook, I just suppose you will find Friend Swap Meet worth a look. But to be frank, I doubt it will become a hit owing to how pedestrian it all looks – more refined alternatives are either already available or imminent.

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More – Learn When Your Friends Are Nearby

  • May 28, 2010

FriendsAround.comFriends Around is a mobile app that you can use in order to interact with your social networking friends at all times. You simply log into the application from your mobile using Facebook Connect or the Twitter API and away you go.

Friends Around unifies your Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare accounts and it lets you see who is nearby at once. That is, you can check in a la foursquare and post updates via Facebook and Twitter.

In the event a friend of yours is found, you get to interact with him in the usual ways – chatting, discussing photos, sending out virtual gifts… And you can also make new friends using this service – as a matter of fact, everybody’s profile is public on this network. People who are looking askance at Facebook are not getting near this for sure. But the ones who are not that concerned about privacy (IE, younger users) might take to it quite willingly. In any case, you can always learn who has seen your profile, so that you will get an idea of who is who.

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More – Tell Others About Your Likes & Dislikes

  • May 4, 2010

MyLykes.comThe idea of the My Likes website is to let people express their individuality on the Social Web. How? Well, quite easily: by enabling them to collect these things they like and dislike in one unified location.

This makes sharing it all something very simple, and people who use the site can get to know each other better as quickly or slowly as they want to.

In addition to that (admittedly useful) social function, the site plays out a nice role from the point of view of self-organization. Sometimes you are not aware how much you like something until you sit down and write a list. It happened to me when I tried My Lykes out, and I am sure that you will tell a similar story too.

To use My Lykes you need to have a Twitter account. You log in by furnishing both your username and your password, and away you go. No Facebook Connect is supported… yet. That is obviously bound to change, what with the word “Like” and “Facebook” starting to become utter synonyms already.

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More – A Social Site For Caregivers

  • May 3, 2010

TheCaregiverPlace.comAs its name implies, The Caregiver Place is a community resource that is aimed both at caregivers and those who employ them. The idea is to bring both sides together and somehow cover the gaps that are still left in the industry, specially when it comes to finding suitable jobs.

The site will let caregivers look up available positions and independent contract work in an equally supple way, whereas the ones who are looking into honing their skills can apply a “training” filter when they execute any search.

Of course, the site also makes for the sharing of media of every kind. Both photos and videos can be uploaded to the website and shared with whomever the user wants. And events can be listed online, too.

Membership comes at no cost, and you will be requested to provide information such as your certifications and previous experience as a caregiver along with your general availability and the shifts that you work/intend to work. That is, if you sign up as a caregiver. If you sign up as an employer you have to supply information like the services you provide and a summary of your company.

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More – Social Network For Wordly People

  • April 30, 2010

WorldlyPeople.comWorldly people now have a meeting point on the Web. This social networking site will cater for all these individuals that think in big terms and who are open to new people, new experiences and (overall) new and different outlooks on life.

Here, these individuals can connect with each otherin the same way that they would in a social site such as Facebook or Orkut. The one difference is that interactions on the site are focused from the very beginning. The site makes for sharing media, inviting others to join, writing your own posts… it is exactly like Facebook, but for people who like to think and place everything in as wide a context as possible.

Joining in is as easy as joining Facebook – the same particulars and contact information have to be supplied. Alternatively, you can get in through Facebook Connect and avoid the hassle of specifically creating an account if you are not sure if the site will be 100 % suited to who you are, and you want to test it beforehand.

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More – A Social Site For Subway Commuters

  • April 30, 2010

SubMate.comI don’t know how likely is SubMate to succeed (let alone cause a sensation), but you have to give it credit for being a little different from the usual crop of social sites that bring nothing new to the table and that are forgotten as soon as they launch.

SubMate is a social resource that is aimed at those who travel by subway every day.

Apparently, the site was conceived because the programmers felt that such people always had lonesome expressions. The premise is to let these individuals be in contact with others and commute in a livelier (and also more human) way. This is done by telling our friends at which time we are getting on the subway so that they can try and catch up with us.

Statistically-speaking, something that is as specific as this site can never be a dazzling success. And the fact that you can coordinate everything with your friends equally easy by sending out a SMS is also too obvious. But I really appreciate sites that aim to blow some fresh air into something as stuffy as the social networking scene, a scene dominated by endless sites doing the same thing that are released one after the other.

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More – Social Networking For Musicians

  • April 13, 2010

Saywutt.comSaywutt can be accurately termed a social networking site for musicians and music adepts. Here, anybody can create an account for free and chitchat with other people who love music (if he is a fan), or get down to promoting what he does in the event that he is an artist.

The dynamics of the site revolve around the creation of playlists that can be shared instantly among members, and the site itself takes care of highlighting the most popular lists and the ones that have been added recently. In this way, you get to see what is proving to be more successful over time along with what might become the sounds everybody will be crazy about tomorrow. Let’s admit it, the feeling of catching an artist when he is still in his infancy and bragging about him to everybody is the summit for any serious music lover.

Besides, the fact that each and every popular genre today is included makes the whole site have that little more credibility to begin with. Rock, Hip Hop/Rap, R & B. Country… it is all taken into consideration, and although the Hip Hop/Rap category is by far the most popular there is no reason why the other should lag behind for long.

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More – Socializing In A Different Way

  • April 12, 2010

SocialDice.comSocial Dice aims to stand as a new, different concept in the field of networking and socializing. What it does it to combine the features inherent to a social classifieds site like Craigslist, with the features endemic to sites such as ChatRoulette (IE, the ability to hold real time conversations with other users).

Through the site, users play games in which they can bid on their social activity. So far, it is possible to create either “Games of Chance” or “Grab and Go” games. The difference lies that in the first case the user will receive a payment from participants, whereas in the second case the one who offers a payment is he who organized the game, as a way of rewarding users for adapting their social activity to what he wants.

Games are listed on the site in a fashion similar to a classified ad, and players connect via video and text chat while they are playing. The eventual winner of the game is chosen by the user who started it.

It is not a bad idea in conceptual terms at all, now that the concept of location is becoming inextricably linked to that of networking – Social Dice empowers the ones creating the games to set a specific date, location and time for the activity. In that way the barriers that separate the physical and the digital world are diminished even more.

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More – A Social Site For College Students

  • April 5, 2010

INeedCollege.comA social resource that has just moonlighted, its target demographics are made crystal clear by its name. Here, students can network based on their actual location and not on who they know.

The network itself features a wealth of content such as funny videos and also a section in which the hottest College girls are rated. Hey, it is a social site for College students. Did you expect anything different?

Actually, the site also doubles as an informative resource since a Q & A section for all Colleges within the country is provided. This part of the website will let you learn more about this or that School, and have enough information to make a better-informed choice as regards your future.

At the end of the day, the site is equally entertaining and useful. It doesn’t necessarily bring anything new into the equation of college networks, but it doesn’t take anything away from it for sure. In the end, with so many sites rendering similar services, picking the one you will use will boil down to a matter of personal preferences and little else.

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More – A Social Networking Site For Gamers

  • April 1, 2010

Frogster.comFrogster can be termed a social networking resource that is geared towards gamers. Here they can play flash games, compete against each other and later on socialize in the chatrooms that are provided.

Besides, the provided leaderboards are bound to bring the most competitive (and hence the most entertaining) side on everybody.

Just as in Facebook, groups and events can be created. You can gang up with people who share your very same gaming tastes, and you can take online bonds offline by organizing a gathering in the physical world.

Profiles are created at no cost, and they bear all the features that sites like MySpace and Facebook have made common currency – you can upload pictures, stream videos, write blogs, post comments… A profile is created by supplying personal and contact information, and although you are not required to upload a picture adding one is obviously advisable to make others become interested in who you are. And if you are as photogenic as a gargoyle simply create an avatar. After all, is there a better context to use one than a site devoted to gaming?

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More – Live Events Made Enjoyable & Accessible

  • March 12, 2010

HotPotato.comThat you can count on the WWW for promoting a live event is something that nobody ignores or belittles by now, and services like Hot Potato just make that fact even more noticeable.

At its most basic level, it is a platform that can be used to promote any event that is forthcoming like a party, a conference or a product’s launch.

Events are created by being added to the calendar that is provided, and then people are invited to join in the fun in the usual way. The best part might be that you can share every single thing that has to do with event both before and after takes place, as notes can be swapped among participants and questions can be asked (and duly answered). Of course, pictures can be uploaded both for the promotion of the event and as mementoes once it is all over.

And mentioning that both featured and trending events are listed on the main page doesn’t go amiss, since that is an excellent way to be in the loop regarding activities of note within your personal/professional area.

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More – A Social Site For Drinkers

  • March 2, 2010

Splooth.comThis is a social networking site that is aimed at people who love to have one over the eight. Here they will be capable of sharing all about their favourite drinks while making new friends more or less on the spot.

The actual content of the site is aggregated under any of the following two drink categories: “Spirits” and “Beers”. These subdivide themselves into other categories like “Ale”, “Lager” and “Specialty” (in the case of beer), whereas the “Spirits” category is split into “Brandy”, “Rum”, “Tequila”, “Vodka” and “Whisky”. In short: if you are thinking about anything that can be drunk and that has an alcoholic quota, it is certain to be listed here.

Featured drinks are always highlighted on the main page, whereas these drinks that have been favorited the most are equally showcased for you to know what your drinking buddies have been propping up as of late. The worst-rated drinks are likewise highlighted.

When it comes to joining the site, note that you don’t have to create an account from scratch if you don’t want to – it is possible to log in using Facebook Connect.

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More – Social Networking For Children

  • February 27, 2010

FaceChipz.comI am sure that the ones over 25 have a distinct recollection of POGS, those collectible discs that every ‘90s kid either played or scoffed at, but that (for better or worse) marked one of the true fads of the decade. I was too old to play with them back then, but I do recall small boys playing in the playground left, right and center.

We older boys used to watch it all a little bemused. Well, now I am watching bemused for a second time as a social networking site named FaceChipz has updated the concept for the digital age.

This social site is targeted at these kids that are too young to immerse themselves fully into stalwarts like Facebook and Orkut, but who are too old to play with children sites any longer. The way it all works is by buying FaceChipz and then distributing them across their friends. They will do the same in due time, and children will keep a registry with the codes of the chips they have received.

In that way, children are networking based on something that has a physical existence. The safety of the network is certainly commendable, as kids can only interact with whomever gave them the chips, and the codes will only work once. Besides, there is no search functionality at all.

On the whole, an interesting way of getting your children started in the world of social networking. Let’s face it, that is something they are going to do on their own eventually, so having the chance of guiding them along the way is a welcome one.

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More – For People Who Are In Recovery

  • February 26, 2010

InTheRooms.comA community resource that has a truly commendable purpose, In The Rooms is a networking site that is devoted to people who are on the road to recovery and battling their way out of addictions.

The site lets these individuals interact with loved ones and also get to know the personal stories of others that are in a similar (or the same) position.

That is particularly useful from the point of view of recovery. Realizing that what has happened to one could happen to anybody, and that it has happened to others as a matter of fact provides a person who is recovering with the knowledge that it is all in human nature. That is, the individual realizes that there is nothing wrong with him, and that he has merely gone through something negative that has happened to others as well.

The site also makes for creating and joining groups, and in every case the degree of privacy can be set down at will. As a result, seeking professional and personal help can be kept as open or private as the user actually wishes.

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More – GMail Goes Fully Social

  • February 10, 2010 release of Google Buzz has certainly spurred the imagination of everybody. The product itself takes the best of many services and rolls it into one.

In very general terms we can define Google Buzz as a social experience that resides within your current Gmail account.

Upon launching Google Buzz you will be greeted with a stream of updates that highlight the activity of existing friends. Please keep in mind the expression “existing friends”, for it is the one concept that might give this service (if not an edge) a chance to make it. Google Buzz works within Gmail. And by now, everybody has a Gmail account. It is not a matter of being hip, just a matter of usefulness. The obvious inference of everybody being there is that everybody is a Google Buzz user in potency. And having such a colossal database almost by default simply goes into guaranteeing a certain share of success to begin with.

Functionalities like recommending new items based on the ones that your friends like have been implemented, and something that is really interesting is that an effort will be made to keep everything relevant. That is, the system will only display updates that have a certain poignancy. Updates such as “lol!” will be hid from the stream. Reducing the noise within the Social Web is a necessity in these days. After all, everybody is there. And a sizable amount of people are not really diligent. Rather, they have nothing better to do than post images of the new dishwasher they have bought and so on. Any attempt at redressing that is welcome. And if it is provided as part of a package that capitalizes on a phenomenally large and loyal userbase, then the results are something to keep your eyes on.

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More – A Social Site For Car Drivers

  • December 24, 2009

CarPong.comCarPong is a social site for car drivers. The aim of the site is to let people message each other over bad driving.

All that is needed is to have the license plate of the offending vehicle, and the State in which the car is registered. Should the owner of the vehicle be a registered CarPong user, the message will automatically be put his way. If not, the message will be published on the site and become readable by just everybody. And in the event the person joins the site at a later date, then the message will be delivered to him right then.

The site makes it possible to follow anybody’s license plate. In practice, that means that if you are concerned about the way your son is driving your vehicle you can keep track of his motorized activity at all times.

The site also makes room for messages like “I just washed my car, and my doors are frozen shut. Oh well, she looks beautiful”. That is not exactly reporting on anybody’s skill behind the wheel, but it is the kind of message that is posted as well. As a result, it can be said that car divers on the whole will derive some uses (and also some fun) from a site such as this one.

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