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  • July 6, 2009

SocialEarth.orgSocialEarth is a media company which promotes social entrepreneurs, businesses, and ideas. The provided blog focuses on every business and company that actually does good through its work.

The SocialEarth team believes that the future of our livelihoods and our world depends on the creation and sustainability of such businesses. Hence, through this blog we can learn all about the steps and the activities these entrepreneurs undertake to put an end to different social ills such as poverty and illiteracy.

The featured categories include “Green”, “Health” and “Microfinance”, whereas a company list is included for immediate reference. Information such as the organization type and the year it was founded is provided in every case, as well as the location where each company is based.

It is a sad fact, but it is completely true: profitability is not necessarily the result of real value creation. Instead, profitability can (and often does) come at a cost of immense value destruction. But there are entrepreneurs that uphold the values that showcase all that is intrinsically good regarding the human condition. SocialEarth is here to promote their work, and inspire others to do better in the process.

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