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  • January 29, 2009

CratenFire.comCratenFire is a newly launched hobby and talent social network. This social network allows for users to sign up and share and make public their hobbies and aptitude through video introductions.

In addition, users are able to connect with each other, grow their fan bases, and chat, as well as posting their photos, and information about future events, etc. One of the original features this website has is that users who have the most votes will get a $1000 prize, and every month after that $1000 cash prizes will be awarded on a regular basis.

Through shows like American Idol and America\’s Got Talent, it has been shown that there is tremendous interest in showcasing undiscovered people who have amazing talents. This social network promotes that people of all talent backgrounds will be able to have the opportunity of showcasing their talents by singing or drawing, as well as cooking and modeling, in addition to sewing, playing a sport, etc.

The cash prizes awarded at the end of every month will just be an added bonus. Now you have the opportunity to show your talent and become discovered.

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