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The Reverse Startup

What would you say are the normal skill sets that the founders of a website might have? Better yet, how about the founding team of a social sharing platform? We put some thought to the above questions and began to realize that the trend these days are really quite interesting. It seems that a majority of founders are more technically oriented (engineers and/or designers), than they are business oriented (marketers, operations,...

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Kurt And Steve Aren’t Pinterested In Your Feelings, They Just Wanna TalkGuyStuff

It’s true- Relationship status updating, shoe sale tweeting and fave wedding color scheme pinning are generally lady activities. And Kurt and Steve are not happy with this. So, they launched for disgruntled dudes to find a social outlet to discuss trucks, fishing, tools and the like. Leave those other social networks for… well… the birds.   The IT pros turned entrepreneurs from Minnesota gave us a little insight...

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