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13 Surprising Startup Challenges

13 Surprising Startup Challenges

While running someone else’s company, I had the chance to see great ways of doing things and also learned methods that did not work well. For some reason, I thought this would virtually eliminate mistakes when I opened my own. It reduced the mistakes, but did not eradicate them. In business, you will make…

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A Small World is an innovative new twist on social networks like Facebook. Their main difference is that they don’t allow just anyone to join. You have to know someone already in the “club” to be invited. This exclusivity allows their website to focus on exactly the types of successful people they want. This exclusivity also allows to direct its advertising efforts on the types of...

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Expreem is a social networking site with a difference, namely that the lines separating what happens online and what takes place in real life are blurred quite a bit, or drawn in a most peculiar way. The essence of Expreem is encouraging interactions in the real world. The site couples people who have never seen each before, and has them take part of challenges and activities. For example, a typical Expreem activity is to send 5 boys...

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