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More – Find your Internet Twin

  • December 19, 2007 aggregates all of the data from your profiles on social sites (MySpace, del.,, etc) and creates and list a social graph which shows just who has what in common with you. You can create your own lists based on your preferences, for example you might want to have a list of people with similar musical tastes, or a list of similar people who all live in your home town. The number of lists you can create is infinite. If you want to find your doppelganger or internet twin, is for you. draws on all your existing social site profiles so there is no need to enter much additional information.

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More – Find it, Rank it, Share it

  • December 3, 2007

Yokld.comWant to discover the best local businesses? Want to impress others by consistently picking great restaurants, hotels, spas, etc? Then check out this site. Yokl’d is a “Best Of” local business ranking social platform that is 100% compiled and commented on by users.

The idea is simple – the more times a business gets “Yokl’d” (voted) the higher in the rankings it will be listed. What can be done on Yokl’d? You can add favorite local businesses to the site, vote through a 1-click process for preferred local businesses, build and maintain a portfolio of elite local businesses that can be shared, etc. If you want to participate and share your opinion you can post positive or negative comments about a business and rank user comments based on usefulness and accuracy. Some of the advantages about using Yokl’d are that you can share local knowledge with a social network of friends, family and business associates , benefit from trusted friend’s personal pages to see what they recommend and of course, never get lost — detailed maps pinpoint each location.

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