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  • January 5, 2012

GiftSimple.comSocial gifting sites come in all shapes and colors. Some let people vote on what the best gifts for men, women and children are, like uGiftIdeas. Others email you daily deals when the birthdays of your friends are coming, such as PeepGift. And there’s also sites like GiftSimple, where you can register all the gifts you want, and tap into your social network to pool contributions from friends and contacts alike. They will put the money forward, and you’ll use it to buy what you want.

A site like this one plays two main roles. First, it ensures you’re not getting gifts that you couldn’t care less about, and that will end up gathering dust at the back of a closet until you finally throw them away, or resell them somewhere. And second, it makes the lives of your friends so much easier. They won’t even have to sit down and think what would be a top gift for you. They’ll know it from the very beginning.

GiftSimple is a free service, and you can get started just by signing in with your Facebook username and password.

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