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More – Manage Social Data

  • December 19, 2011

SocialFolders.meSocialFolders is like DropBox, but the big difference is that it’s a service to be used with the data you have on social sites. This new service lets you manage all the information you have on websites like Facebook, Flickr and straight from a dashboard that bring everything under the same roof. SocialFolders works by syncing up all the information you have there with a desktop app that you can download and install for free. This application lets you have your data sent from one site to the other. You can take all the photos you have on a Facebook album, and have them sent to your Flickr account in just one click.

And the service also works the other way around, as you can send any photos that you have uploaded to Flickr directly to your Facebook account, and avoid the hassle of having to upload them all over again.

Besides, SocialFolders can be used to back all the data you have ever uploaded to any social service, and have it stored in your computer. Useful for these files that have become accidentally deleted or lost, and that now exist only in the cloud. SocialFolders lets you get them back for good, and keep them somewhere they’ll always be safe and accessible.

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More – A Semantic Way To Arrange Social Content

  • July 9, 2010

Gimao.comWould you like to organize the information contained on your blog? Are you interested in optimizing the organization of your website data? provides a social information management service you can use to improve your website search engine optimization. In case you want to increase the number of visitors on your site, Gimao could be a good option for you.

This site is visited by those who are interested in social content management for their blogs or websites. is a digital marketing company offering a service to organize your site information. In that way, you can organize the data in a structured semantic form, so users can browse through your site easily.

Therefore, if you are looking for social information management services, you may need to pay a visit. On this site you will find data about how to optimize the organization of the information on your blog or website.

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