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  • June 13, 2011

Napsus.comThe team that created Napsus defines it as a social browser which comes with enhanced communication features. Essentially, users of Napsus are benefited by a developed chat experience (combining text, voice and video chat), and also by something as practical as audio and video mail. All these services are provided for free, and integrated with the browser itself by default. Any person who downloads and installs Napsus will have access to them. And as it is only fit for something that is sold as a social browser, users of Napsus can have their contacts imported from all the social networks of the day (with Facebook and Twitter topping the list).

It must also be mentioned that Napsus comes with a search wall that simplifies the processes in which information is found once an actual query has been provided. Having tried it, I must say that the results of searches carried out via Napsus sometimes have a more diverse feel to them. I am not saying they are more useful, but they do come across as different. But there is no need for you to take my word – give Napsus a try, after all it can be downloaded for free.

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