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  • June 25, 2010

Snubbr.comAre you known among your friends as the one who always ends up buying the least useful/appealing gift whenever a birthday arrives? That is quite an unfortunate trait, but (thankfully) help does not lie that far. In fact, the site I am about to introduce you to will let you make some real progress.

It is entitled Snubbr, and we could term it a social resource where questions about which products to buy are asked by people like you and me, and then answered by experts. That is, on the site you can ask for either advice or a recommendation and then have the question read by experts who will volunteer their help,

Questions are limited to 140 characters, so that there is not that much room for meandering. You will have to keep everything concrete, and that is a true positive aspect of the website if you ask me.

Some of the best recommendations are highlighted on the main page. If you want to figure how accurate the site can be, you might as well pick a category you are really well-versed on and see what others have recommended. You will figure out at once where the site stands for you.

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