More – Ski In The Mountains

  • July 12, 2012

So many people love to ski. It is great exercise, it is exhilarating, and is breathtaking and daring. Make sure that if you love to ski that you check out some great websites that will give you a lot of great information and many items that you can purchase to make your time on the slopes many times more enjoyable. Take a moment and view the website and see if it is not a great resource for you. At you will see that it is a site that is going to give you tons of information.

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More – Infinite Adventure

  • June 27, 2012

Curious about Alaska? Start with all of the latest news and information about this state on the main page of Whether you are a resident or a tourist, this website has some excellent information and tips for you. Residents can search for a job, find a home to buy, see the latest news headlines, in-depth articles and weather forecasts, find local activities and events and more.

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More – Social Network for Hardcore Athletes

  • September 29, 2008 is an online social network for surfers, kiteboarders, snowboarders, skiers, and other hardcore athletes around the world looking to enhance their lifestyle.

The site’s global presence allows Gravityspot members to build stronger and broader relationships with like-minded individuals and generate new ideas for enjoying the world in which we live in by leveraging the collective wisdom of its members. Gravityspot Magazine is a feature of the site that focuses on global travel destinations, events, style, people, music, and other interesting topics related to surfing, kite-boarding, skiing, surfing, and other cool stuff. Gravityspot Travel Guide allows members to search globally for listings such as surf and snow destinations, instructors, heli-skiing outfits, mountain guides, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, and other important places as well as review and submit reviews on these listings by Gravityspot members. If you’re a serious athlete and want to have access to useful information on your favorite sporting activity, you should take a look at what Gravityspot has in store for you.

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More – Weather And Meteorology

  • July 23, 2008

WxDude.comNowadays no one can ignore the global warming consequences; they involved each and every one of us. Some think there is no much to do and some others more optimistic think that each of us can contribute to stop its evolution.

The first step in order to do something about it is trying to be informed. If you would like to understand how the climate and weather work, check out this site. At there is lots of information related to the weather and its main facts. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar containing diverse links, such as: “what is weather?”, weather sayings, weather averages, and many more. In addition, there are other links like: clouds, rain, snow, thunderstorms, lighting, wind, forecasting, seasons, water cycle, rainbows, hurricanes, etc. Furthermore, there is also a link featuring songs about weather, as well as a weather blog to discuss relevant topics.

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More – Short And Fun Christmas Jokes

  • July 22, 2008

uk you will find lots of short, fun Christmas jokes, Santa jokes, snowmen jokes, reindeer jokes, and many more. You can browse the site by the categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: Quick Fixes that includes Christmas dinner and greetings, knock knock jokes, father Christmas, pantomime jokes, reindeer jokes, snow jokes, and more; the Tall Tales section, which includes Barbie’s letter to Santa, Do Santa exist?, Microsoft buy Christmas, and many more tall tales; and Wax Lyrical that includes 12 days of Christmas, Internet night, Night before Christmas, Politically correct, and lots carols, songs, and rhymes and limericks about Christmas. Once you have entered to any of the categories you will find some examples at the main page, but in order to see hundreds more, all you have to do is click on the links located at the left hand side of each page.

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More – Start Planning Your Vacations

  • July 19, 2008

ArapahoeBasin.comAre you planning on going to a ski center next vacation, and would like to get more information about the Arapahoe Basin? You can do this by visiting this site. In this site you will find all the information you need about Arapahoe Basin for you to plan everything beforehand.

In the main page you will be able to get information about the tickets and the passes in its corresponding section, as well as the restaurants you can attend to dine or have lunch. Pictures of these restaurants are published in the site for you to start making an idea of the places you are going to see, as well as a brief description of the menus you will find in them. In the “shop it” section you will be able to purchase the passes, sports wear and souvenirs among others. Besides, in this site you can also read about the lessons and rentals, as well as visiting the snow section where you will be able to see the weather conditions for the next days. A contact section is available in the site for you in case you have any questions or doubts you would like to clear. Visit and start planning your trip!

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More – Swiss Valley Online Site

  • July 17, 2008

SkiSwissValley.comSwiss Valley has been a gateway to the wonderful winter sport of skiing for thousands of people over the past years. As one of the first areas in the country to embrace Freestyle skiing, the resort has sponsored the Swiss Valley Extreme Team since 1975.

You can learn more about this resort, its facilities, and services by exploring the categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Stuff to Know, Programs, About SV, Hours and Rates, What’s Happening, and While you are Here. It offers many great programs including Valley kids, Ski Clubs, Discover Michigan, Group Discounts, Field Trips, Adult Race League, Sunday Family Fun, Coupons, and Jr. Development Team. At the About SV section you will find information about its history, a photo gallery, a trail map, Terrain Park, conditions, directions, area lodging, media center, employment, ski patrol, ski shop, a guest blog, and many more things.

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More – Peter Callesen Selected Works

  • July 16, 2008

PeterCallesen.comThis website is devoted to show visitors the work of Peter Callesen. He works almost exclusively with white paper in different objects, paper cuts, installations, and performances.

Some of these objects are inspired by fairytales and romanticism, exploring the relationship between two and three dimensionality, between image and reality. You can learn more about his work by exploring the categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: A4 Papercut, Large Scale Papercut, Framed A4 Papercut, Large Framed Paper, Works on Snow and Ice, Performances, Installations, Works on Water, Drawings, and Biography, About, Texts, Galleries, Links, Bibliography, and News. No matter which category you choose to visit, you will always be able to appreciate his work through high quality pictures that truly express his intention. At the News category you will find information about the current exhibitions and the upcoming ones. And at the Galleries category you will find the address to attend to one of them and have a closer view.

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More – Sport Supplies And Equipment

  • July 11, 2008 is the official and e-commerce website of Milosport, an American sport supplies retail company from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Here you can find a great variety of products such as snow clothing and equipment, skate accessories, apparels, clothing, footwear, and sunglasses, among many others. This site lets you browse trough their entire set of products, all sorted into all those different categories. Each one display pictures, main features, and price, and they are all available to purchase online with any major credit card. You can also find here all their latest product arrivals and sale items. In order to receive them right into your inbox, you can register here to their free email updates. In case you need further assistance or you have any inquiry, you can contact their support team either by email or phone trough their toll free line. Finally, you can access to their blog, where you can find all the latest related news and stories.

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More – Rent Skiing Equipment

  • July 10, 2008

RentSkis.comGoing away to snow vacations is really fun; the problem is that there are a lot of extra topics to think about. If you don’t own skiing or snowboarding equipment, you should figure out where you can obtain it.

At they offer dozens of different and high class snow sports gear options. If you rent your equipment from them, you will be saving a lot of time, money, and effort. They have a very good rental system that allows you to choose the right style, and the right size of gear for you. What is also great about this company is that you don’t need to worry about picking this equipment up when you get to your destination, because they offer you to ship your purchases right to your door. They offer packages that include many items, and that have a better price than if you rented everything for separate. Visit if you want to be relaxed before your ski trip.

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More – A Resort In The Mountains

  • July 3, 2008

DodgeRidge.comImagine a rarefied mountain outpost where people, bound by a collective independent spirit, happily rub elbows and revel in the seductive vistas and beautiful wonder of nature. That is Dodge Ridge Resort, a high alpine resort that invites you to visit the mountains and enjoy of all the activities you can make there.

Through its online version, the resort aims to provide visitors with a long list of useful online services. Therefore, through this site people can get to know the resort and its location, and explore all its facilities and services in by taking a virtual tour. Besides, by accessing the links placed below the introductory animation visitors can take advantage of many useful services and information such as snow report, tickets for sale, mountain features, road conditions, and more. To find out more about Dodge Ridge you should enter the General Info section, where you can access hours of operation, and information about campgrounds, lodging, and all you need to plan your visit.

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More – Surf, Skate, And Snow Stuff

  • July 2, 2008 has been providing surf, skate, and snowboarding equipment for over twenty years.

When they first opened their doors in 1987 they have a location only in San Diego, California. Nowadays they have some more stores within the state of California. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: men’s, women’s, kids’, surf, skate, snow, footwear, etc. Furthermore, there are also other links you might be interested like sale, promos, new arrivals, etc. Apart from the apparel stuff they also feature accessories, such as sun glasses, bags, watches, etc. Within the women’ section there are swim wear, boars shorts, handbags, wallets, tops, dresses, shorts, jeans, pants, jackets, snow outwear, sweat shirts, and sweat pants, among others. At the skate link you will see trucks, bearings, skate helmets, decks, skate pads, skate accessories, etc. If you are looking for cool footwear, take a look at the men’ shoes and the sandals for the ladies.

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More – Alpine Meadows Ski

  • June 25, 2008 is thought to be you online guide to your Alpine Meadows ski trip.

Within this site you will find all the information you need to plan your ski trip, as well as many online services. This includes the mountains’ features, snow reports, tickets, and even lessons. Access the different sections by clicking the links placed below the homepage’s animation, which will lead you to specific information you need to know before packing. There you will also find the ultimate news about resorts and events, including pictures and videos. Through the site you can access current season pass prices, which will be available for purchase starting July 1st. If you want to receive news, deals, and snowfalls periodically in your mailbox, you only have to enter you email address at the top of your screen. Check the site special offers, such as kids programs, adult lesson programs, equipment rentals, and more, within the Lessons and Rentals section.

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More – Action Sports Content

  • June 25, 2008

ActionSportsTrader.comAction Sports Trader is an action sports community that is dedicated in giving its users all of the action sports content they want. When you visit Action Sports Trader you can see that the action sports are boldly listed on the top of the page.

Action Sports Trader features the action sports categories: skate, surf, snow, moto, bike, and girls. Each category features: videos, pictures, blogs, forums, news, and communities. Users can get all of the information they want on the action sport that interests them. The homepage features all of the most recent content from news to photos. You can also take a look at the top profiles. If you are interested in making new friends and contributing content to the site you should register and become a member. Once you are an Action Sports Trader member you can make your own profile and meet other members who are interested in the same action sport as you. As a member you can also upload content to the site. Action Sports Trader features a calendar with information on action sports events so you can be updated. For great action sports content visit Action Sports Trader.

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More – Sled The Web

  • June 24, 2008 provides snow mobile riders with the most useful links around the web.

The site strives to be the most comprehensive snowmobile links, forum, and classifieds page on the web. There are links to snowmobile manufacturers, snowmobile parts manufacturers and retailers, snowmobile racing sites, snowmobile clubs, magazines, resource sites, enthusiast pages, and more. Besides, if you know of a snowmobile site not listed here, you can submit it immediately. However, you won’t stop scrolling down the homepage and finding more and more related links. There is a long list of links that will lead you to different kinds of sites, all related in some point with snow. The homepage also includes pictures, tips, and special invitations for riders and racers. If you get lost among so many links, your salvation command is Ctrl+F; tip it and search links using a keyword. Every link has a reference phrase which sums up what it’s about.

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More – Where The Sun Shines

  • June 24, 2008

Weather-Forecast.comThis site’s main aim is, as you might have guessed by the URL, to deliver weather forecasts for locations around the world. It’s also filled with interesting comparative charts which will probably not make the forecast fun, but will certainly prove informative, as you’ll learn what the day’s hottest, coldest, windiest or most humid locations in the world are.

Type in a city in the world and you’ll get a six-day forecast with each day broken up in three, pointing you to the temperature and general conditions for morning, afternoon and evening, plus you can get the information in imperial or metric systems. The predictions also include information on wind speed, sunrise and sunset times, plus wind chill temperature and freezing level, though unfortunately one cannot get a glossary of terms or icons to be able to better understand the legends and information on display. Interestingly, you can get a feed for your website or social network profile from the site, or take some time to enjoy some of the world’s best weather vistas by taking a look at the webcams provided by the site. Know a better one? Just paste the URL into site and they’ll review it and maybe add it to their catalogue too.

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RideBoreal.Com – Boreal Mountain Resort

  • June 24, 2008

RideBoreal.ComBoreal Mountain Resort is sister resort to six spectacular winter destinations for skiing and snowboarding, snow tubing, and world class racing events. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage.

These categories are: Rates, Lessons, Rentals, Kids Club, Parks/Map, and Lodging. If you don’t have much cash but need to be on the mountain, Boreal offers lift tickets and season passes to accommodate your budget, schedule, and needs. You can maximize your skiing and boarding at Boreal Mountain Resort this winter with a full resort season pass. The most affordable season pass in Lake Tahoe. Beginner and experienced skiers and snowboarders can take advantage of Boreal’s professional instructors. Group Lesson Packages are an affordable way to gain experience and improve your confidence on the snow. Private Lessons give you one-on-one coaching that will help you to improve your technique. It has a state of the art rental center located on the first floor of the main lodge to accommodate all of your rental needs. RideBoreal.Com

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More – Snow Sports School

  • June 23, 2008

SkiWolfRidgeNC.comIf you love snow and having all the fun that everyone enjoys with the snow then this is the site for you. At SkiWolfRidgeNC.

com you will be able to find snow sports classes for you to learn the sport that you wish with a simple fee. Not only can you find this but you can also find accommodation in which they can accommodate you at some great lodges; these lodges come with direction for you to know how to arrive at the place and not get lost in case of anything. An event calendar is provided for visitors to see what is the next big event for them to attend and have great times with the rest of the attendants. If you are a real fan of snow then you should visit the site for sure. will change everything you thought about the snow and make it even better than you expected.

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More – Mountain Baker Website

  • June 17, 2008 is the best source of information related to one of the most beautiful and challenging places for skiers and travelers: Mountain Baker.

It’s a wonderful place where you can almost touch the sky with your feet on snow. This site provides visitors with much high-quality information, since it hasn’t a commercial objective and it’s not focused on profits. It’s an institutional website where you will find useful information about locations, weather, policies, safety, and more. For travelers there are detailed maps of the area featuring all the accommodations, routes, transportation features, businesses, and prices. For skiers, there is an in-depth snow report from reliable sources, which tells you the snow state and best places to ski. Also check the photo and video gallery too see the place’s beauty, and all the activities that take place there. For any doubts you have before traveling, you can contact the site and receive a quick and timely answer.

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SkiLoveLand.Com – Love Land Ski Area In Colorado

  • June 12, 2008

SkiLoveLand.ComLove Land Ski Area in Colorado offers visitors the possibility to learn more about its packages and ski services. You can browse the website by its many categories located at the top of the homepage.

The categories are The Mountain, Tickets and Passes, Sport Shops, Ski and Ride School, Groups, and Other Info. Its complete packages include airfare, lodging, car rental, multi-day discounted, lift tickets, ski and snowboard rentals, and ski and snowboard lessons. This website also offers some features including snow report, mountain stats, grooming report, videos, pictures, calendar of upcoming events, information on local restaurants, rental and sport shops, and much more. They also offer the Telemark Clinics program which is available on select dates throughout the season. All abilities are welcome, participants are divided accordingly. Learn more about this program at the Ski and Ride School category. If you haven’t ski before or you want to improve your skills, at that category you will also find information on children, adult, advanced, and private lessons. SkiLoveLand.Com

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