Slideee – The #1 Search Engine For Slides

  • May 5, 2014

Slideshows are an inevitable byproduct of business. On top of being a little tedious to make (slash hard to pay attention to) slideshow presentations can also be tricky to search for. There are a whole host of reasons someone might want to search for a PowerPoint slide (or two). From research to looking for…

More – Create Presentations Fast

  • September 23, 2011

ReelApp.comWith its down-to-business approach, Reel is sure to appeal to all those who need to put a simple online presentation together, and who want to avoid wrestling with applications which are meant to be used in uber-professional contexts. Reel is going to be the perfect tool in such cases, as it will let them create an online presentation simply by uploading the relevant files, and having them strung together.

These can be everything from PPTs and PDFs to simple individual images, and they are uploaded using a straightforward interface. Once they have become hosted online, users can proceed to add descriptions, and give the whole presentation a name. When that’s been done, a unique URL will be generated, and by spreading that around they will be able to share the full presentation with their acquaintances and colleagues.

Any way you look at it, Reel is not only easier-to-use and faster than Photoshop – it’s also got an edge over other web-based tools such as PreZentit. Simply put, Reel is the quickest way to assemble a presentation using your browser.

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More – The Five Best Videos Of The Day

  • August 1, 2011

VideoInbox.comThe amount of good and interesting online videos that we find by ourselves is negligible. Out of ten videos we watch on any single day, at least eight or nine came from someone else. Who got them from someone else before. That’s the way these things have always stood, discovering really cool videos manually is seldom something any of us do. And that is why a platform like Video Inbox is such a good idea. On this site, users are treated to the best five videos that have surfaced on the Web on any given day.

These videos are actually delivered straight to one’s inbox upon signing for the service. This is done via Facebook Connect, and yes – this means you are instantly able to share anything you find on Video Inbox with your friends there.

And videos can obviously be favorited, so that anything which moves you/amuses you can be saved for posterity, and viewed again as many times as you want afterwards.

Video Inbox has been created by Slide, the social entertainment company that Google acquired for more than $ 180 million last year.

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More – Create Slideshows Using Social Media

  • July 21, 2011

Slidestaxx.comSlidestaxx is here to answer the question of how to use media that you find online into presentation of your very own. This web-based service answers that question in the clearest way of all, as its users can basically take media that they have found on any social site such as pictures and videos, and have that combined into a brand new slideshow that can also include their very own insight and commentary. Each one of these is called a “slidestack”, and once one is ready then it can be shared in all usual ways. And that includes embedding them on the user’s very own site or blog.

These slidestacks can be created absolutely for free. Users are allowed to mix media from all the sites they want together, and combine it to build up something new. And registration to the site is also free.

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More – Create Free Slideshows

  • May 23, 2011

SlideMyPics.comAs far as creating slideshows and having them shared goes, SlideMyPics is quite a good alternative. This web tool will let you take and group as many pictures as you want in the shape of an HTML5 slideshow, and then embed such a slideshow wherever people could see it. Your blog, your own site, your Facebook profile… it is all allowed.

The creation process itself is handled using a smooth interface that will let you retrieve your images from wherever you have them (IE, Flickr, Picasa, even your Facebook profile) and then have them organized. You will then be able to preview the slideshow, and make any final changes to it before having it posted to the relevant social media profiles, or saved for good.

This process (which as you can see is pretty direct) is also completely free. You will be able to have as many slideshows as you want created, saved and edited later on. And when embedding them, you will be able to set them to auto-play, too. A practical web tool, and no mistaking.

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More – Use Big Photo Slideshows

  • March 6, 2011

FullScreenPhotos.comThis is a new application for creating full screen photo slideshows in three simple steps. All you have to do is upload the images that you want used, pick one button for letting people visualize the photos themselves, and then copying and pasting the relevant embed code for having such a button displayed on your site.

A service like this one will be perfect for real estate professionals that want to show their properties in the best possible light. The same applies to auctions sites and online retailers that want to give customers a good idea of what they are getting. And these bloggers who devote themselves to photography are likewise going to put a service like this one to very good use, specially if they are trying to sell their own images through their blogs.

Four plans are provided, and these include a free one that will let you create 1 slideshow at no cost. Such a slideshow can include up to 12 photos. When it comes to the three paid plans, now, these will let you use up to 25 photographs per slideshow. And you will be able to create lots of slideshows per month (with the most expensive plan actually letting you assemble as many as you want).

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More – A Comprehensive Web Video Platform

  • September 2, 2010

JetSuite.tvIf you visit the JetSuite website you are going to find a collection of browser-based tools that will let you unleash the full power of online video, and give your company a true marketing push.

JetSuite comprises three different applications.

JetVision, JetSlides and JetStream. In very general terms, JetVision is a platform that will let you build your own online TV network, JetSlides will let you create online presentations (a la Power Point) and JetStream is a delivery solution for all your media.

You can download the brochure for each of these applications on the site, and also launch online demos that will give you a flawless idea of what to expect as far as JetVision and JetSlides go. In both cases, we are talking about applications that make for a high degree of customization and branding, and that can let you educate the audience and generate more sales for sure. And the defining note of JetStream is that it will empower you to stream your videos in HD, without putting your audience through the tribulations of an ordinary Internet connection.

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More – Share Your Images & Works Easily

  • August 19, 2009

Flash-Gallery.orgThere are many websites on the internet where you can find different services related to the creation of a wide assortment of works in an easy way. Some people prefer to create slideshare presentations on order to make it easy for others to understand the details of their works.

But what happens when you have a website and you need to explain its main features? Flash Gallery could be the place where you can find the answer to this question.

This is an online resource that gives people the possibility to make use of a free application that allows them to create a slideshow on their websites. This is a simple tool you can use in order to accomplish this goal easily and fast and present your site clearly and smartly.

In case you are thinking that you need to be knowledgeable to make use of this service you are wrong. In essence, you can install and use this service without having any technological skill at all. This will be a highly interesting solution for many users that want to provide their sites with a professional service that makes them look better. You will find more information about it at

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More – Facebook Slideshows Come True

  • August 12, 2009

PrettySlide.comThis is a new application that enables anybody to create a slideshow using the photographs that he has hosted on his Facebook account. In order to use this tool you don’t need to sign up – you just login via Facebook Connect, and then use your existing Facebook albums in order to start adding photos to be displayed.

There is no need to upload anything.

As regards the actual disposition of pictures, you have five different templates to choose from. These go by names that speak for themselves – “BasicViewer”, “PostCardViewer” and “CarouselViewer”.

Undoubtedly, this service will keep more than one Facebook user entertained. After all, sharing photographs is one of the most widespread practices when it comes any social site, and the famed social network does not stand aloof to the practice – far from it. If you are keen on that, this free tool is bound to let you bring some life into your best-loved stills, and present them to the world in a setting as engaging as you probably feel they deserve. Just visit in order to get going.

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More – Creating & Sharing Slideshows Online

  • July 28, 2009

PhotoSnack.comPhotoSnack is an online resource that let users create and share photo slideshow presentations along with online photo galleries. By default, PhotoSnack contains several customizable templates, and using it is an intuitive task.

Embeddable Flash widgets can be created and put about in an equally effortless way, so that the slideshows can be accessed by a public as wide as possible.

This is also a perfect solution for professional photographers or designers to promote their works online through high-quality portfolio presentations and professional photo slideshows. They can even add their logos and use their online portfolios in any way, and publish them wherever they want.

In principle, PhotoSnack can be used for free, but a premium version is included and the slideshows created through it come without watermarks. Should you need further information simply pay the website a visit at and see if you can come up with some slideshows to write home about. Also, you can check out the provided video introduction in case you want to know more before getting down to creating something.

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Power-Templates.Com – Free Powerpoint Template

  • February 11, 2009 gives you the chance to download a wide range of free Powerpoint templates and Powerpoint backgrounds. So, if you are planning to make a presentation soon, this website might be good for you to check, as it counts with a wide catalog that features different Powerpoint templates categories, including abstract Powerpoint templates, science templates and many others. will let you browse for different Powerpoint themes, ranging from business Powerpoint templates to educational and environment Powerpoint backgrounds. Moreover, you just have to click on a Powerpoint theme you prefer to download it to your computer.

Therefore, whenever you need information and resources about free Powerpoint templates you can download to your computer, feel free to visit On this website you will have the chance to download different Powerpoint backgrounds and themes easily from a large and variated catalog. Remember next time you need visual support to success on a presentation. Power-Templates.Com

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More – Funship Cruise

  • February 27, 2008

Funshipisland.comIf you have always dreamed what it would feel like being on a cruise, now you can experience it right from your house. On the Fun Ship Island web page you will have the opportunity of taking a look at all the facilities that this ship will provide you with if you decide to jump on board.

You can take a very close look to all the different parts of the ship as well as a portion of the shore. Some of the places you can see when you visit this interactive ship are the atrium, the spa, the camp carnival and you can even live the dizzying experience of riding the water slide. You can as well read a list of all the different activities you could do while you are on the journey. Even though in this site you can’t find out about their upcoming trips, they have a link that will take you to the Carnival Cruise Line web page, where you will find all their offers and upcoming cruises.

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More Buy & Sell Facebook and Opensocial Applications

  • January 21, 2008

This site allows developers and sellers to list Facebook and Opensocial applications for sale in an Auction style Marketplace for free.

The site connects buyers who would not ordinarily think to invest into applications, and helps them with loads of information in trying to make some money from the applications via advertising, growing friends or flipping them.

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More – Create a World for your Pictures

  • April 3, 2007

Scrapblog.comScrapblog is an awesome site that goes above and beyond all of your scrapbooking dreams. The different backgrounds, stickers, and templates available are endless.

All of the graphics are incredibly easy to add and edit to what you want on your page. You can even add videos, links, music, and audio narration to give your scrapblog some flavor. Viewers can add notes directly to the page, or comments to your personal page and get an RSS feed that tells them when you´ve added or changed anything on the blog. You can embed your scrapblog onto MySpace or your personal blog, or add each slide to Flickr. When you´re done, you can print it out or even get a DVD version of it, so that you can watch it in a slide show and get to take advantage of all the audio and visual media. Why waste time cutting and pasting and spending lots of money to create the old school scrapbook, when you can create a scrapblog that you can share with anyone anywhere with far more features and details than you could ever dream of?

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