More – A Resume That Reflects Who You Are

  • January 19, 2010

SkillsLog.comIt is a sad fact, but many times assembling a resume ends up boiling down to who you know instead of what you know. That is highly aggravating specially when you are looking for you very first professional experience, as no matter how hard you have done your bit and prepared for doing a job you will end up being faced with demands that simply lie outside your grasp.

You end up feeling as if all that study and dedication had been to no avail.

There must be a better way to translate who you are and what you can do, and the company behind Skills Log has certainly made a valuable contribution with the release of their own app. Basically, Skills Log will let you come up with an interactive resume that will highlight how skilled you are. The resume will likewise be capable of linking to your positions in order to showcase your skills, whereas images can be fully included. These can be imported from Delicious and Flickr.

Skills Log also plays the role of letting you (the one who created the resume) track the way your skills are evolving, and create something akin to a focal point for developing your career. In that sense, the resume turns into something as dynamic as you could ever hope it to be.

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