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  • June 8, 2011

Site2You.comThe creation of websites is becoming easier by the hour. The applications that are released to these purposes prove to be simpler and simpler, and this new one certainly follows that trend. Site2You gives people who have never coded or designed anything in their lives a chance to have a fully-functional website created and hosted in minutes. The way this application works, every operation that would involve handling code is turned into something that can be done by people who have no technical understanding of any kind. Site2You eliminates the need to be dexterous when it comes to HTML, CSS and Javascript. An intuitive user interface turns everything into choosing a design from the many that are offered, changing and customizing it, and then providing Site2You with the content that should be featured on the finished website.

That will be it. The site will go live for all to visit and use. This service is provided at $ 19.95 per month, and that price includes both unlimited hosting and a free domain name. A seven-day trial is available.

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