How To Use Newsjacking To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

  • March 11, 2014

It can be hard to gain attention on the Internet, with so many other sites out there. A lot of them doing the same thing, or even offering the same service as you. If you’re a new blog, it can be even harder to get the attention, traffic and readers that you’re desperately looking for. There are of…


Websites Built For Speed At AutoCorner

  • December 17, 2013

Everybody needs a website in this day and age and not everybody knows how to make one. As a result, companies have sprouted up that focus on creating websites for specific industries. One such site is AutoCorner, which helps used car dealerships set up websites and provide a full used car dealer marketing…


Transforming A WordPress Blog Into A Professional Website

  • July 2, 2013

One of the best aspects of WordPress is that it is extremely easy to use and anybody can easily become a blogger. The downside is that professionals can sometimes have a hard time separating themselves from the average blogger who is simply entertaining a hobby. If you want readers to take your WordPress…


Role Of Guest Blogging In SEO

  • January 2, 2013

Guest blogging plays an important role in the search engine optimization process. As odd as it seems, the future of link building may point at guest blogging. True, you would be providing a great article to some other blog, but this very act of guest blogging will help increase traffic and add audience to…

More – Security Services

  • August 19, 2012 consists of services focused on protecting ones internet server that may contain sensitive information. The site provides consumers with services that include a vulnerability scan and analysis. Once the scan is completed, users may confer with a customer service representative to decide which products they wish to purchase. Once the purchases have been decided upon, consumers may leave it up to

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More – Pinterest For Websites

  • March 26, 2012

Meaki.comWhat would Pinterest look like if it let you clip not images and other media but full websites? Meaki has been built by some people who asked themselves that very same question. And the only way in which they could answer it was by building a product of its very own. This new site lets you “pin” websites and collect them on a board. Only that on, the verb used is not “pin”, it’s “clip”. And the board where all your clipped sites go is called a “clipset”.

Other than that, there’s not a lot more to explain. If you’ve ever used Pinterest before, then you already know what to expect from this site. You’ll be able to store your favorite content (websites in this case) under the same roof, and have it shared with all your friends at once. And you’ll also get to know about these sites that they’re clipping themselves.

The uses of a service like this one, now, are wider than what it seems. Leaving aside personal and leisure uses, something like Meaki can make the lives of people like designers a lot easier. If you’re one, you’ll be able to show clients a gallery of sites with possible layouts that could be used when designing anything. And clients will also be able to put one such gallery together, and have it shared with you. So, you’ll get to know what your clients want without even having to ask a single question. You’ll get to see it with your own eyes.

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More – Get Website References

  • March 25, 2012 is a reference guide for websites. This site will be a useful one for those who are thinking of launching their own businesses and are in the process of deciding which domain name to use and other details.

Here, you’ll discover how to build a site that gets the highest amount of visits, the highest search engine ranking and the best possible domain name.

You can look for reviews which analyze these technical aspects on a list which is provided on its right-hand side of the site. And you can also make your own search by using the box that is found at the top.

And a section with the top sites is included at for you to discover the background details about them, too.,,… big or small, you can have just any site on the world quickly analyzed.

Still, Reffpedia could be improved in its own design, which at the time seems rather simple and basic in its color, typography and overall layout. Check the site out and see whether that would keep you from using it or not.

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More – Check Into Sites Instead Of Places

  • March 23, 2012

Chkin.atBy now, we’re all used to the concept of checking into Foursquare whenever we are at any kind of venue. It takes only a second, and it lets all the people in our lives know where to find us if they need us. Which is just great. But there’s more to the concept of using check-ins, as this new startup proves. lets you check into sites instead of places. When using, you can tell everybody that you’re currently on Facebook, going through the latest stories that your friends have posted. Or that you’re reading the latest posts to have been published on your favorite technology blogs.

Just like Foursquare, lets you earn points and prizes for all your activity. The more active you are, then the most respected you’ll be by other users of the site.

Unlike Foursquare, though, is not a mobile app. No, it’s an extension that you install on your browser, and that lets you check into sites right as you’re visiting them.

All in all, a very novel and intelligent service. Check it out – both Firefox and Chrome are already fully supported.

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More – Create Sites For Tablets

  • March 22, 2012

Onswipe.comDesigning a site for an iPad is not the same as designing one for an iPhone. And even when that is completely obvious, there’s people who pretend to ignore that fact, and have a “one-fits-all” mentality for designing sites. And what happens is that they end up losing clients because of that.

And such a thing is inexcusable when there’s services like Onswipe available. Essentially, Onswipe is a tool that can take your content and have it turned into something that would look really good on an iPad. And on pretty much every web tablet available on the market today, the truth be said.

Onswipe can be used for free, and it works in the easiest of ways. The app can gather the content you have on social media accounts and on most content management systems, and use that to create a tablet-friendly site. Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, Instagram, Youtube… Onswipe can import content from all these sites and more. And it can even handle RSS feeds.

You’ll be able to have everything displayed in the way you want. Onswipe comes with lots of layouts, you can choose where your own logo will be placed, and you can pick the color combination you want your site to have. Once you’re happy with the results, your new website will go live in just one click.

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More – Plan Your Wedding

  • February 26, 2012

Weddingdeck.comThe happiness in every wedding celebration has one cost: the amount of stress experienced during the long time spent preparing that moment. Too many details must be remembered, so it is not an easy task. is an online wedding planner which gives a solution for reducing the complicated things you must do when organizing your wedding.

The site provides useful tools to handle everything that could drive you crazy while organizing the event. One of them is the chance to store the information about your vendors, such as contact details, addresses and other data. Do you have to call your
DJ or the guy in charge of decoration to round up something and can’t remember their phone number? Just visit Weddingdeck and call or e-mail them.

Another advantage of Weddingdeck is that you’ll get to have a website for your wedding. Guests will be able to check the location of the ceremony and the party, with a Google Maps integrated feature. You can also manage your guest confirmations and organize your tables using this platform, with the option to send automatic reminders to unconfirmed guests. also offers its platform to professional wedding planners. If you are one, you can brand the website with your own name and logo, and offer the tools to your clients without them finding out that Weddingdeck is behind. This will give a professional look to your service, which might be hard to achieve in an another way. Also, you’ll be able to manage multiple wedding events from different clients without any problem.

The information you organize at Weddingdeck can be printed directly or exported to spreadsheet files, letting you handle things in the way that suits your needs best. And prices don’t seem to be really high either. For individuals, a one time fee of $24 must be paid. If you are a wedding planner, you can choose between two packages that cost $38 and $65 each.

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More – Mobile Apps For Businessmen

  • February 25, 2012

CloudCard.orgCloudCard is a nifty service that lets businessmen have their own mobile apps. If you’re one, then you can use CloudCard to become more findable by all the people who might be interested in hiring your services. More findable, and also more reachable. CloudCard lets you build an app that has your photo (or your company’s logo) as its profile picture, and once someone launches this app then he can call you in just one click, and also get driving directions to your office. Likewise, the app lets clients contact you via email, and watch an introductory video that you have shot and uploaded beforehand.

CloudCard is a paid service, with a monthly fee of $11 letting you have your own mobile app. In addition to including a profile picture and becoming instantly reachable as described above, you can add as many web links to your profile as you want. If you’re a designer, you can easily link to these sites you’ve already built. If you’re a photographer, you can link to sites where your work can be viewed. If you’re a reviewer, you can point potential customers to sites where your work can be easily appreciated. Any site that would let people have a better understanding of who you are as a professional can be instantly linked to.

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ShoutMy.Biz – Sites For Small Businesses

  • January 26, 2012

ShoutMy.BizIf your company has just launched and you’re still to hire someone to design your own website, then a service like ShoutMyBiz will help you in the meantime. ShoutMy.Biz lets you build a basic page for your company, and include everything from your logo and a description to photos and a map showing customers how to get there. And you’ll get to do all this yourself, just by dragging and dropping the different elements where you want them to be.

This service is provided for free, and it’s actually compatible with Facebook and Twitter profiles. You can bring all of your different streams into the same page, and keep a good watch on everything from there. Analytics are provided for you to understand exactly where your traffic is coming from, and how people are relating to your content.

And ShoutMy.Biz also works if you’ve already got a site, and all you want is a centralized hub for monitoring your content and all that’s being said about it on the social web. You won’t be charged a thing, and you’ll get to monitor everything at once, using ShoutMy.Biz’s neat dashboard.

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More – Build Friendly Sites

  • January 25, 2012

Plebu.comCreating a site that your visitors can see equally well on their desktops and on their smartphones and tablets is always tricky, if only because there’s so many different devices currently available. It’s just too easy to overlook something, and end up creating a site that some slightly old phones will have serious trouble loading. And that’s where services like Plebu come in.

In a nutshell, Plebu is a tool for the creation of websites that simplifies all that could be difficult about coding a site that all mobiles and tablets can handle as smoothly as a desktop computer. On, you’re provided with a super easy interface for building sites. You have to do little more than entering a title and adding your text, your photos and your contact info for the site to be ready. The emphasis is firmly kept on providing only the essentials, and it really pays off. And you’ll get your own domain, of course. No point promoting other people’s domains when what you want is to make people aware of your brand and products.

Plebu is billed $12 per month, and you can also try the service for free without having to disclose your credit card number to get going. Sign up here to get started.

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More – CMS For Designers

  • January 19, 2012

Brancam.comBrancam is a CMS that’s been built by and for web designers. If you’re one, then it’s sure to make your day. It lets you have your designs uploaded by using a template system that adapts to your work, and that can respect the style guide you have defined 100%. Brancam adapts to anything you’ve created, and if you use it you’ll never have to change a design just to have it hosted online. You’re free to design whatever you want, and have it converted to valid HTML in just one click. And then, load dynamic content by using a tags system that lives up to its name of “Magic Tags”.

You can add the title of the page, the navigation, the breadcrumb trail… and once the layout’s ready, a ZIP will be created. This ZIP is what you upload to Brancam to make your design go live, and to give your client the chance to look at it and give you his instant feedback. If anything needs to be changed you’ll get to do it just as quickly.

You can try Brancam for free by singing up for the “Seed” plan. This lets you design and host one full site without having to pay anything. If you need to host more (and you will if designing sites is what you do for a living) then you can go for any of the five paid plans that are available: “Bonsai”, “Beech”, “Oak”, “Baobab” and “Sequoia”. Pricing starts at 15 euros per month, and in addition to letting you create more and more sites each plan comes with support for a larger number of users.

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More – Test Your Site

  • December 25, 2011

CloudAssault.comA service that’s saving you time and also money, CloudAssault is your best bet when it comes to testing any site or API you have created. will let you check how fast it loads just by submitting the URL where it can be found. This will produce a report highlighting how your site/API would perform in different contexts. It’ll display a series of charts showing you its average response time, how many requests it processes and it’s data throughput.

A service like this one, then, lets you know how well your site could handle any sudden surge in popularity. If it would crack under the weight of lots and lots of new visitors, then you’ll know about it well in advance. And do what it takes to make it faster, stronger, sturdier.

And in addition to being this clear and direct, CloudAssault draws praise for being very affordable. It costs just 3.5 cents per user. So, it matters very little how much money you’ve got to spend on testing, CloudAssault is a service you’ll get to use to know how reliable your site (or API) really is.

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More – Make Complex Sites Simple

  • December 6, 2011

TextOnly.inA service you’ll find incredibly practical if your Internet connection would make a sloth look like a greyhound, can go through sites and strip them of all that could make them load slowly. This new service can take everything away. It can put aside these bulky images and videos that just get in the way, and give you a text-only version of sites you can’t read otherwise because your Internet connection can’t cope with so much data. can actually handle both individual articles and full sites. You can supply just the URL of any article that you want to read without flashy images and animations, or a full RSS feed. can take care of both, fast and effectively.

And in addition to visiting the website and supplying a URL or a RSS feed each time you want to have a site simplified, you can download the provided mobile app and get the job done when you’re on the go. This app is currently available for Android, and you can get it here

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More – Open Many Sites At Once

  • December 1, 2011

HiperURL.comHiperURL is a site that people who work as designers are going to find really useful. Why? Because it lets them do something as handy as having lots of different websites opened up at the same time, in the same window. This service (which is completely free, and can be used without having to create an account first) lets you compare as many as five different sites simultaneously. It’s all done by copying and pasting the URLs of the sites that you need to have compared one by one. Once you’re done adding them, a unique URL where you can see the five of them at the same time will be generated. And that?s practical in the sense that you can have the designs you’re seeing shared with any person that collaborates with you. And also with clients.

Think of it, you’ll be able to show any client all your previous work at a glance, and let him pick the one that suits his current project far more easily than having to send him a link after the other.

A site which is similar to HiperURL is Web URL Opener. We featured that one on KillerStartups some time ago, and it’s still got an edge over HiperURL since it lets you open as many sites as you want at once. Of course, it can be argued how good it really is to look at twenty sites in the same screen. But the option’s there.

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More – Design Sites Using WordPress

  • November 11, 2011

PageLines.comLike anything in which coding is involved, the design of a website can take more time and skill than most people really have. Give them the chance to do everything using a drag and drop interface, and they’ll seize it with both hands. Even people who know how to code would find such a service worth a look. Who would say no to a platform that lets you get your job done in much less time, and without its quality suffering for that? This new service, then, is one that just everybody would love.

You see, PageLines lets you have a professional site designed using WordPress. This platform lets you get everything where it should be, just by having it dragged and dropped across the screen. You can arrange everything like this. You can put fully-working sites together without needing to get near a single line of code. Your site won’t fail to be displayed like you wanted because you got a comma or a parenthesis wrong

And PageLines is meant to be updated on December. Something akin to an App Store for website elements and themes will become available right there and then. This will let you have your designs enhanced with the work of professionals whose skills lie well beyond yours, and who are willing to sell it.

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More – Website Builder Software

  • November 7, 2011

iWebsiteMaker.comThe day in which you had to hire a designer just to get a website together are long gone. Today, excellent services like iWebsiteMaker let even people who have never coded a thing in their lives get the job done like a pro. Using iWebsiteMaker you’ll be able to put a site together using more than 1700 different templates. And this website design software also comes with lots and lots of stock images that you can use to make any basic template come into its own.

And iWebsiteMaker has got plenty of customizable features, and all of them are the kind that make a site more user-friendly and/or better to look at. For example, you can create photo albums, links pages and forms. And videos can be used as part of any site you’re creating, too.

So, it doesn’t matter what you want to promote, sell or market. iWebsiteMaker is going to let you get the job done yourself, as if you had hired the best designer that money can buy.

You can check some sample sites here and have a quick understanding of all the features listed above. And if you feel like giving the service a try, you can do that for free. Simply follow this link to sign up for a 10-day trial.

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