More – Non-Profit Sisterhood

  • June 2, 2008

DeltaSigmaTheta.orgYou know that there are many non-profit organizations around the world, which are dedicated to help the society development at different aspects. Some organizations are specifically targeted in a particular difficulty, and there are others that work on wider issues. is one non-profit organization which aim is to improve the society at the places they are working. More than 200,000 women work for this sisterhood that was founded in 1913. The sisterhood counts with an important number of chapters. The majority of them are situated at the USA, but you will see that you can find them all around the world, also at far away countries such as South Korea, Japan and Germany. The website allows you to become a member of this organization, but it’s advisable for you to read the terms and conditions before making a decision. The website provides its visitors with employment opportunities and you are allowed to see if there are vacancies.

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