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More – For Divorced Parents With Kids

  • October 15, 2007

CustodyPlanner.comAs we’ve all seen from Britney Spears’ recent cracktivity, or maybe our own lives, the real victim in messy divorces is the kid. Bitter divorcees have the right to want space from their ex, even to talk smack, but the life of the child won’t slow down and their need for an organized schedule can’t be ignored. was created to solve this exact issue. This site provides a multi-user calendar where parents and kids can stay up to date on daily activities and plans. The calendar is used like a drawing board for the kid’s life and can display events such as sports practice and games, doctor’s appointments, birthdays, school functions and vacations. These events are shown next to the pre-devised visitation and custody schedule. The hope is that parents will have minimal contact- no talking or calling, and everyone can stay up-to-date and aware of the schedule of the kids. There will be less surprises, more chances for the kids to forget their parent’s problems and an opportunity for positive family growth.

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