More – Play Several YouTube Videos At Once

  • December 2, 2010

Psykotube.comPsykotube is a really curious project. I am sure a lot of people thought about creating one such website before but they halted if only because they realized it would have very little practical uses.

You see, Psykotube will let you search and play several YouTube videos simultaneously.

The idea looks good on paper, but in practice it is a whole different story. To begin with, you need to have a powerhouse of an Internet connection to open more than four or five videos simultaneously.

Besides, what good is this for? If you are trying to find the best live version of a song, opening six different renditions at once would hardly help. It will only be a disarrayed experience in itself.

I have to admit that the site could be great for entertaining young children, though. Simply look up their favorite cartoon characters, start playing a handful of videos and leave it to them. That will be the children busy for the best part of an afternoon at the very least.

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