More – Going Through Old Conversations Easily

  • November 24, 2009

Silentale.comThe abundance of social networking sites and real-time communication platforms means that it is impossible to keep track of every single conversation we have been part of. Rather, what we have said becomes scattered over a World Wide Web that grows wider by the minute.

Besides, messages and attachments often end up in different accounts, and they are not even stored forever, adding to the disarray. In practice, that means looking up not just a person or an address but also a specific conversation can be endless and (worse of all) fruitless. Silentale is a new service that aims to make such a tedious situation more palatable.

Basically, what this new browser-hosted application does is to automatically capture and index all the digital conversations that a person might take part of. This includes not only e-mails and instant messaging but also the interactions in social resources like Twitter et al.

All the user is required to do is select the different accounts he wants to be tracked by Silentale and from that point onwards all his accounts will be consolidated into a single and structured archive. In that way, anybody’s contacts, messages and attachments become easily searchable.

This service is available in two different shapes: a free account (restricted to 8 weeks/2GB of archive and 5 connectors), and a $50 annual subscription that comes complete with unlimited archiving capabilities and connectors.

Currently, Silentale is in private beta and the unlimited version is available for free to testers. 2 of you can get in now using the invite code KillerGTpbinxA. The rest of you can get an invite by referring KillerStartups in a tweet.

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