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  • August 23, 2010

ShowTribe.comA community site for those who love watching TV, ShowTribe will let you interact with people who share your very same passion, discuss all your favorite shows and (hopefully) find new ones to watch.

On the site, you can “pledge” to watch shows that other recommend to you, and everybody will know all about it since the site has a live feed a la Facebook that showcases all the activity undertaken by members.

You can learn not only who is going to watch what, you can actually learn about people watching shows in real time as you are on the site.

The top trending shows of the hour are all highlighted on the main page, including the latest discussions that have take place around them. And the site also has a full “Latest TV News” section which is displayed on the main page.

It is important to point out that you are not required to sign up in order to join this community. You can simply proceed to authenticate who you are via Twitter, and start interacting with others straightaway.

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