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More – Only Reveal Your Best Feature

  • June 13, 2008

Hotck.comDating/social networks abound, but Hotck appears like they just might have found the hook so lacking in the majority of other sites. At first glance, you’ll find basically the same functionality prevalent in other dating sites—upload a profile, state your interests, your location, age, weight, height, and sexual orientation.

The intriguing and playful concept introduced by Hotck on top of all of this basic functionality is that you choose the favorite part of your body to display in your profile thumbnail. Basically, those that have never met you before will only be able to see your gorgeous chestnut eyes or those sexy full lips. You pick the favorite part of your body, cut out the rest, and that’s how the rest of the world will see you. Now for the interesting part, each time you send a message to someone you are interested in the hidden parts of your photos will be displayed.

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