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  • January 13, 2010

ShortReviews.netA website that goes by an unequivocal name, Short Reviews is certain to let the critic in you come out to play and have a good time indeed. On this site you can review just anything – movies, books, music, TV shows… and the format itself (IE, a micro format) simply makes it all the more engaging.

If you asked people what they prefer to read and made them choose between long discursive texts and shorter ones 8 out of 10 individuals would go for the snippets. And that is truer than ever now, as people have less and less time to enjoy themselves, and also because Twitter has modified the attention span of many.

The eventual aim of the site is to engage an active community, as people are encouraged to bring their friends in and have them writing short reviews as well. Not everybody is going to be keen on writing, of course. But I am certain more people will be keen on doing short pieces than writing full blog posts – everybody has a little something to tell about a couple of things, after all.

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