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  • July 15, 2008

M3MI.comM3MI is another in a long line of solutions that allow you to shorten long URLs into more manageable ones that have less chance of breaking when you share them online or in an email. Simply enter a long URL into the space provided and M3MI automatically makes you a shorter one that you can use to share around the web.

Once you’ve been given your new shorter URL you can either copy it to a clipboard, copy the delete link to your clipboard, or enter a new long link for shortening. The site is simple to use and the links you make are in the following format: So, the next time you need to shorten a link, check out M3MI which will allow you to shrink down that link fast and for free.

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More – Shortened URLs

  • July 13, 2008

Wimbis.comWimbis is a free site that allows you to turn long URLs into shorter manageable ones. Simply enter the URL that you’d like to shorten in the box provided and Wimbis quickly generates you a short URL.

URL shortening is handy for sharing links since a shortened link has less chance of breaking when sent in an email or over a mobile phone. Wimbis also makes its API available for developers who would like to benefit from Wimbis from within their own applications. Unlike some other URL shortening sites that actually pay you to use their service, Wimbis does not have any revenue sharing possibilities at this time but it is an easy-to-use tool that makes links easier to share.

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More – Make Shorter, Safer Links

  • April 9, 2008

Nsfw.inIf you like to exchange the occasional obscene website with your co-workers but are a good enough colleague not to want to get them into trouble, NSFW will allow you to continue this practice with a clear conscience. NSFW is a simple little application that converts long links into short ones, gives them a squeaky clean name and warns the recipient that the link might not be appropriate to open if their boss is standing over their shoulder.

Making a shorter, safer link is simple, just go to and type in the name of the URL that you’d like to convert and you will then be given a clean alternative. NSFW does not require that you register and they clearly state on their page that they will not hit you with tracking cookies or store any of the information that you enter, so your secret is safe with them.

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