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  • January 28, 2009

Txtful.comAs the web continues to expand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through all the clutter and stay efficient, especially when you’re on the go. Txtful allows you to use any messaging option available on your mobile phone (e-mail, IM, text, tweet) to run preset actions on the web.

You can create shortcuts for the stuff you do most often, and you’ve got the power to trigger even the most complex functions anytime, no matter where you are.

Some examples of currently available shortcuts are: add movies to your Netflix queue, refill your Walgreen’s prescriptions, post messages to a 37 Signals Campfire room, make restaurant reservations on OpenTable… the possibilities are truly as wide as the Internet itself.

The fact is that websites are designed for stationary use on large screens and high-speed connections, and do not translate readily to mobile use. They require too many steps, too many redundant fields to fill out, and too much content to scroll past to get even something simple done or retrieve just a snippet of useful information. Txtful solves these problems.

Furthermore, txtful allows developers to easily create website interfaces to help them automate the most important functions of their websites. It all runs on txtful servers, so there’s nothing the developer has to setup and maintain beyond the actual XML defining the interface – txtful even provides the tools to do it.

As you can see, the services on offer accommodate users ranging far and wide. I advice you to pay it a visit at the provided URL in order to see the uses you can put it to in person.

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More – Just Run It

  • August 25, 2008 – Just Run ItWindows users know that finding an application to run can be difficult. Whether you use the Run command, or you search for applications by hand, the process can prove tiresome if repeated daily.

If you’re looking for something to help you make the process faster, then you should visit On the site, you’ll find a downloadable application that will allow you to quickly run any application you want. The site claims that the application is “a more advanced and customisable version of windows run”. This is a very good short explanation for something that is so much more complex. With this app, you’ll be able to quickly create shortcuts for applications you run daily. This will greatly reduce the time you take between finding an application and executing it. The list of features seems endless, but one that sticks out is the ability to customize the layout. This makes the useful app feel more at home on your computer.

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More – Your Internet Shortcuts

  • January 18, 2008

IKnowGo.comIn this age of fast food and instant cash, most everything has accelerated to a convenient extreme. IKnowGo takes this very same philosophy and invests it in internet surfing.

This site gives you simple, easy to access shortcuts for your favorite websites. Take for instance Gmail. Rather than having to type .com, simply type gm into the command bar, after setting IKnowGo as your homepage. Or take Myspace—a simple mys will take you there in no time. As a member, you can add your own commands; first choose the letter combination for the site, pick the type of command (go to website or search website), type in the full URL and write up a short description. The most popular shortcuts are represented as a tagcloud on the home page. Give it a try yourself.

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