More – Search From Your Address Bar

  • April 30, 2011

InstantFox.netUsers of Firefox who want to have a suppler search experience, this is your day. That is exactly what InstantFox provides.

InstantFox is an add-on that will basically let you perform search operations right from your address bar. And in a way that is so simple that just anybody would get the twist of it within minutes (even less, probably).

You see, when using InstantFox you are enabled to search directly in your address bar by adding shortcuts such as G for Google search, and I for Google images. And this service has a true instant touch to it, since results will be displayed in real time. That is, search results will be shown as you are typing. No need to hit Return or click anywhere to see if your luck is in.

The InstantFox add-on is available for any person who wants to get it, and it costs absolutely nothing. Installation involves little more than clicking two or three boxes, and once it is over you will be searching the WWW like never before.

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More – Shortening & Shortcutting URLs

  • August 4, 2009

Snick.meTime for reviewing the obligatory URL shortener. If I don’t review one every now and then I feel like F.

Scott Fitzgerald probably felt when he hadn’t had a drink in a couple of days – out of my element.

As sarcastic as I usually am when it comes to reviewing sites like this (and as foreboding as the introductory paragraph sounded), I have to reckon that this particular one is considerably good.

It has every single functionality that characterizes such resources, and both “manual” and “advanced” shortening features can be called into action. For example, you can measure the popularity of your links on Twitter and see the amount of times they have been referred.

In addition to that, you have full access to the provided API so that those who have ideas of their own can explore them in that way.

Again, I usually look askance at sites like this one, but I admit it when a good one comes around. It is clear this was not put together in a hurry either, so compliments where they are due. Nice one.

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More – Long URL Shortcut

  • October 20, 2008

Go2Cut.comThere is more than a fair share of tools and application that can be used to shorten URLs, and a new one has just been released to the public. This particular tool goes by the name of go2cut, and it is perfect for using long URLs with MSN, Skype, Twitter et al.

As it is often the case, this is a very straightforward tool, and using it will entail no procedural headaches. You simply insert the long URL and hit the “Create URL shortcut!” button.

However, there are two aspects that merit mentioning. The first is that you can implement a password protection when creating the short URL. This is also possible using other similar services, and it was to be expected in keeping with the most recent trends as regards these applications.

In second place, go2cut comes complete with antivirus scanning of the URL you are shortening. This is a welcome feature, as it will let you rest assured that the safety of your machine will not be at stake by visiting that website.

From the site you can also access the most recent public shortcuts that have been created. Your shortcut will be displayed there as well, unless you clicked on the “Hide from pubic” box when you created it.

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More – Paged mobile is like nicknames for the web

  • January 28, 2008

pa.gdThe service provides a short way to enter thousands of web addresses like online shortcuts which is especially useful for mobile devices.

In general, you can use the first three letters and the last letter of the main word of the web address, in case of rememberthemilk.

com, the main word is rememberthemilk, take the first three letters (rem) and the last letter (k) together should be entered to the Paged mobile service inputbox. No need to remember the shortcut, because it comes from the web address.

Over 100 countries and 11000+ sites included. Practical commands from supported (Yubnub is a (social) command-line for the web).

More details at website.

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More – World of Warcraft Database

  • January 20, 2008

Thottbot.comMMO aficionados will be delighted to hear about, which will prove a great resource for them, as they can search the site for tips and playing strategies for Warcraft.

When first clicking into this site, you will be presented with a searchbox not unlike Google’s, but when rolling the mouse over some small script under the searchbox, a list of the site’s content rolls down so users can browse what bit of the extensive resources and information on this classic MMO they can take advantage of, like exhaustive lists of weapons, quests, profiles, gems, pets, classes (druid, shaman, mage, etc.) or professions (enchanting, jewelcrafting, alchemy, etc.), and the list goes on an on. All the information available from this site is for free use of its visitors, and users are encouraged to submit information, tricks and general knowledge on Warcraft. Also worthy to take a look at are the forums, where a large community of MMO fans share their musings and insight as to this thrilling game.

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More – Keyboard Shortcuts

  • October 9, 2007 is an online database of keyboard shortcuts for popular software programs, browser-based applications and operating systems.

Anyone who works all day on the same program or in front of a computer screen can make better use of their time by taking advantage of keyboard short cuts. Site users can search by program, software category and also by platform. The supported platforms are Windows, Macintosh, Linux and web applications. Users can also do a “quick search” for Adobe apps, Email programs, photo and imaging, MP3, HTML editors and also applications for the previously listed platforms. The search results are extensive and the Keyxl team is constantly adding more shortcuts. They invite shortcuts from the site visitors and have very strong customer service.

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