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More – Shortened URLs

  • July 13, 2008

Wimbis.comWimbis is a free site that allows you to turn long URLs into shorter manageable ones. Simply enter the URL that you’d like to shorten in the box provided and Wimbis quickly generates you a short URL.

URL shortening is handy for sharing links since a shortened link has less chance of breaking when sent in an email or over a mobile phone. Wimbis also makes its API available for developers who would like to benefit from Wimbis from within their own applications. Unlike some other URL shortening sites that actually pay you to use their service, Wimbis does not have any revenue sharing possibilities at this time but it is an easy-to-use tool that makes links easier to share.

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More – Stylish URL Shortening Tool

  • May 28, 2008

ZipMyUrl.comOne consequence of the web’s growth is very, very long urls. Not only are the things everywhere, they also happen to be rather annoying.

They tend to break and are, more often than not, hard to paste. ZipMyUrl’s one goal is to fix that. It tidies up those windy web addresses and turns them into neat, crisp, short things which you can handle with ease. To use it, just enter in any web address and hit the zip button. You can even zip multiple urls at once, simply by leaving spaces between each address. The resulting url will look something like Zipped addresses can be made private and they can be password protected. You can even add tags to your addresses. Besides that, if you sign up, you’ll be able to publish your urls directly to Twitter or delicious. Most recent zips are displayed on the homepage.

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More – Short URL Cloaking

  • May 8, 2008

LinkSlash.comLinkSlash is a short URL cloaking service. Its main purpose is to hide affiliate links from site visitors along with ‘buy it now’ URLs as well as to make forum posting easier.

LinkSlash also makes it easier to track visitors via IPs, geo-data and referring pages. Links can be password protected and URLs can be set for temporary status while old ones may be deleted. It’s a multifunction tool. You can start shortening your urls simply by typing in your old long one and hit the short button. From there, if you register, you can edit and delete your urls. LinkSlash is completely free to use.

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More – Keeping Track Of Shared Links

  • March 25, 2008

TweetBurner.comTwitter app madness continues with newcomer TweetBurner. TweetBurner lets you know what’s happening with all those links that are shared in tweets on Twitter.

First, though all urls entered into TweetBurner can and must be shortened easily into what the site dubs twurls, or simply shortened tweet urls. After that, you can track what’s going on with your links. More precisely, TweetBurner will tell you how many clicks it has gotten. The homepage features the top most clicked links of all time, and by the hour. There’s also a bookmarklet for easier posting. So far 1574 twurls have been generated.

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