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  • September 29, 2007

CashAdvanceResource.comDo you need fast cash for a short term loan? Do you want to easily avoid those endless applications to receive some money? CashAdvanceResource gives you the solution. By filling in a safe and secure one-paged application you’ll be able to receive a $200 to $1500 short-term loan.

There’re only a few requirements such as First Name, Last Name, Zip, and E-mail, plus some simple questions that you’re able to answer just by choosing the option that suits your profile more accurately. These simple questions are: Does your employer pay you by Direct Deposit? (Yes or No), What type of account is your pay deposited into? (Checking or Savings), What is the primary source of your income? (Pension, Disability Benefits, Social Security, Unemployed, Employed, Temp Agency, or Military), and, Would you like to receive information on related offers? (Yes or No). It’s as simple as that. After completing your application you’ll be placed with an independent vendor company electronically because CashAdvanceResource isn’t a lender of short terms itself. It has agreements with independent, third party lenders in which they attempt to match you (based on the information you provide) with lenders willing to lend you money. Be sure to read the complete terms and conditions provided by the company that receives your loan application and get ready to receive your cash in 24 hours or less, and with no credit check.

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