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  • May 21, 2008 has been the leader in producing and selling fine tools and innovative machines since its birth in 1918.

Shor International Corporation sells its products directly to large corporations, small corporations, individuals, government agencies, and schools all around the globe through their website. So, what does the Shor Internation Corporation actually invent? In over 75 years of service to the inventors industry, Shor International Corporation has introduced more major innovations to the jewelry industry than all the other supply houses combined. That’s a lot of innovations. Jewelry innovation consist of: modern polishing and dust collection; visilapping; plastic injection; sandblasting; steam dewaxing; medium frequency melting and casting machines; electronic jewelry scales; ultrasonic cleaners; vibratory finishers; in-house refining and assay systems; non-acid gold refining systems; gold recovery systems; steamers; video instructions; and many more innovations. If you would like more information on the innovation created by Shor International Corporation, please visit

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