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  • October 27, 2010 foods for you, and learn what?s in food before you shop?. These are the words used by the people responsible for Shop Well to introduce the site they have created. And it must be said they are quite an apt summation of the service that is provided on the whole.

Any person who uses Shop Well will be able to set down his food preferences one by one, along with information such as allergies and intolerances. Using that data, Shop Well will match him with suitable products – products that are 100 % suitable for him, and that he might never have heard about before.

What?s even more interesting is that the company has recently released an iPhone app that lets customer scan the barcodes of products while they are shopping. Upon doing so, they will receive detailed nutritional information for these products that they are holding in their hands, and they will realize if they are right for them or not. Again – the same information that is weighed up when using the site is taken into account when using this mobile application.

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