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  • August 16, 2011

Shops2Me.comThere are ways and ways of discovering deals and bargains close to wherever you are, but Shops 2 Me is a particularly handy one if only because it is as fast as it is comprehensive. Thanks to this website, you’ll be able to catch wind of the latest tweets from stores around you, and learn of discounts and bargains without having to check for updates individually. All you have to do is to specify where you are located by supplying your ZIP Code, or the name of the city you’re on.

Shops 2 Me is free both for consumers and for store managers. The former can look for stores in their close vicinity as described above, and businesses can broadcast their promotional messages to all and sundry without having to pay for the exposure.

Something that could be improved? Well, it’s only obvious a service like this one would lend itself fantastically to a mobile application. After all, most people nowadays check for bargains right when they are shopping, not before setting off.

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